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Find Your Top 50 Clients In 50 Seconds With Red Flag Alert

Find Your Top 50 Clients In 50 Seconds With Red Flag Alert
Feb 21, 2024 Rory Traynor Updated On: February 21, 2024

Being able to acquire new clients quickly and efficiently is vital to achieve growth in your business. Unfortunately, this is typically one of the most difficult processes in business and is a major impediment to growth for UK businesses.

Even should a new client be acquired and onboarded, if they are not the right fit for your business they can quickly become unprofitable and quickly leave you in the situation of once again having to acquire new clients.

Of upmost importance is ensuring that any new clients taken on are creditworthy and will not expose the business to bad debt.

What is more, it is an expensive process to identify, market and sell to prospects. Meaning that failing to acquire new clients that are the right fit for your business doesn’t just inhibit growth, it also hurts the revenue that you do have.

Red Flag Alert uses our database of every UK company and innovative B2B Prospector Tool, with over 100 search filters, to make this process simple, straightforward and most of all quick. In fact, you can find your top 50 clients in just 50 seconds.

How prospecting causes pain

If finding new clients was easy then every business would be a success and few businesses would fall into insolvency. Unfortunately, the reality is achieving growth is extremely difficult and, especially in today’s economy, a huge amount of businesses are failing to find enough business to stay afloat, let alone turn a profit. But what is it that makes prospecting cause so much pain?

Knowing where to target – Without specialist tools it is very difficult to know where the best opportunities lie. Most businesses will at least use area, industry and turnover to target prospects based on which companies they think will have most need for their goods/services and the area they service. This is usually based on the clients that a business has historically dealt with but doesn’t take into account if there is enough business to be won in this demographic to achieve the company’s goals or if there are other opportunities to be exploited.

Lack of visibility over prospects – One of the biggest difficulties in prospecting is actually finding the prospects themselves. Very few directors would be able to list every company that meets their ideal customer profile or even have the resources to easily obtain this information. A lack of visibility over potential clients is a widespread and perennial problem in business and is traditionally countered with labour intensive and inaccurate internet searches by sales staff or purchasing leads at significant expense.

Buying leads is expensive and no guarantee of success – Many companies rely on purchasing leads as a method of identifying prospects. Whilst this can be effective, often many leads will be unsuitable or out of date and purchasing the data is invariably expensive. Not only is this an additional cost for a business but lowers the ROI of any sales made.

Sales may turn into bad debt – Bad debt is a constant risk and is a major threat to the solvency of any company that experiences it, with a company that experiences a bad debt being three times more likely to go insolvent within 12 months than one that has not.

Slow and labour intensive process – Time is money and prospecting takes up plenty of both. Lead generation can be one of the most labour intensive processes undertaken by sales staff and take up almost as much time as actually selling. This also does not take into account that the leads generated themselves may not be the best fit for your business. Any activity that consistently takes sales staff away from selling for longer than it has to is one that hurts a company’s bottom line.     

How Red Flag Alert makes prospecting easy and effective

We understood the difficulty that prospecting presented to companies, especially SMEs, and how access to a tool that allowed them to perform best in class prospecting whilst also mitigating their risk of bad debt would transform their businesses.

Leveraging our database of every company in the UK, our B2B Prospector Tool gives full visibility of the UK economy and revolutionises how businesses can prospect. Making it a quick, accurate and powerful process

Benefits of  our B2B Prospector Tool include:

Find your perfect customers with 100+ search filters – Prospecting and marketing to companies that aren’t the right fit for your business is a waste of time and money. Red Flag Alert’s B2B Prospector Tool includes over 100 search filters allowing you to ensure that your sales lists will only include prospects that need your services and can afford to pay you.

Credit check companies at the prospecting stage – Bad debt is one of the greatest threats to business and is currently rife in our economy. You can’t afford to sell to non-creditworthy businesses but to prospect and sell to a company, just for them to not pass a business credit check is also a waste of resources. Our B2B Prospector Tool allows you to search by creditworthiness, so you can sell more safely, efficiently and profitably. At Red Flag Alert we are the industry experts in analysing business financial health and performing credit checks.

Find high growth customers – The best customers don’t just give you repeat business, they also increase their order size. Our platform allows you to search by our proprietary growth score to help you find strong and healthy prospects who are primed to grow.

Find invisible business – Turnover and SIC code are two of the most important parameters to a company when they are prospecting but this poses major challenges. Companies turning over less than £10.2 million do not have to disclose turnover and a huge amount of businesses are registered under an incorrect SIC code. These means that these companies can not be found using traditional prospecting methods. Our platform features advanced estimated turnover and best match SIC code technology that makes these invisible companies visible and yields sales lists of up to 10 times larger.

Decision maker information – Find out who you need to speak to with Red Flag Alert’s decision maker information. Delivered by our CRM integration, our system delivers personal information on key decision makers.

Understand your prospects with inbuilt analysis tools – Our platform allows you to analyse your prospector search results for sales potential and risk, so you know if they will be profitable and safe for your business.

Instant leads – Our B2B Prospector Tool allows you to create searches as broad or granular as you would like, but regardless of how specific your search is it will take only seconds of your time.

Find your top 50 clients in 50 seconds: What sets Red Flag Alert apart

At Red Flag Alert we are proud to not only understand data but also the needs of businesses. Because of this we strive to deliver innovative tools that make it easier for our customers to leverage the power of data and deploy it across their whole business. Some of the things that set our platform apart are:

Pitch to businesses your competitors can’t see – Our best match SIC code and estimated turnover technology doesn’t just mean you find more prospects. It means you find prospects your competitors can’t see. What could you do with access to thousands of under serviced companies?

CRM tie in – Our platform can seamlessly tie in to your CRM system, allowing you to automatically create records for your prospects after each search and populating them with decision maker information. Our system will also automatically keep your entire CRM up to date!

Access to every UK company including non-limiteds – Our database includes every single UK company and delivers unparalleled access to prospecting the UK economy.

Do safer business with the financial health experts – We lead the industry in our analysis and understanding of financial health and growth. With Red Flag Alert you can be sure that you are not exposing your company to risk.

Up to date information – We understand that today’s decisions need today’s data and we are constantly pushing the limits of how quickly we can bring data to market. Our platform includes live data feeds, so you can base your decisions on the most accurate information on the market.

Find your top 50 clients in 50 seconds – Our platform makes this not only possible but easy. Use our 100+ filters to outline your perfect customer, no matter how specific, and click search. With that little effort you will have a list of the companies best suited to your business and the chances are there will be more than 50.

If you want to fill your pipeline with financially healthy businesses that are in a position to buy, get a quote today. 



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