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Red Flag Alert doesn’t just do business data, we also have a full suite of anti-money laundering and enhanced due diligence checks.

We understand that AML compliance, whilst important, is not only inconvenient for you and your clients but also costs you money in the staff hours spent performing the checks and delays business as you wait for ID documents to be sent to you. This tool enables you to preview how easy it would be to use the full AML tool available at Red Flag Alert. 

With our AML check tool we wanted to provide our clients with best-in-class match rates and a full suite of checks but also offer a solution that ensures AML compliance was no longer a time and money sink for them. 

If you are happy with how easy and straightforward this tool is, then you are in luck. Our fully digital tool uses EIDV software to read ID documents and allows your customer to quickly and conveniently complete a check directly from their device without the need to download an app. Meaning your staff can send a check out in less than a minute. We also provide a bulk check feature, so whether you are sending out one check or one hundred, it won’t slow down business.

Red Flag Alert AML and enhanced due diligence checks use a multi-bureau checking system for in beatable match rates, provides a full suite of risk checks, lets you manage your checks in the platform and provides real time PEPs, sanctions and adverse media monitoring.

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