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Introducing our sophisticated Company Director Search Tool - a time-tested solution for your KYC and AML needs. With years of experience behind it, this tool offers robust insights into company directors and their history, elevating your due diligence model to a whole new level. 
Designed to streamline your onboarding process, the RFA company director search tool equips you with the data you need to make informed decisions with confidence. Say goodbye to long and cumbersome searches - within seconds, you can access a treasure trove of information on company directors using various search criteria such as names, county, postcode, and date of birth ranges.
Harness the power of our extensive database and embark on a seamless journey to verify, evaluate, and understand the key figures behind any company. Trust in our proven experience to empower your business and stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. 
Welcome to a smarter and more efficient way of conducting company director searches - powered by RFA. Experience the expertise today and unlock the potential of confident decision-making. 
 Our platform is meticulously designed to address the complex landscape of compliance, ensuring that your business adheres to the highest standards, regulations, and guidelines. Whether you're navigating Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, conducting Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, or ensuring due diligence, our platform provides the tools you need. 
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Perform KYB Compliance Checks

Every company presents a potential financial risk to your business, and this is where Red Flag Alert’s high-quality data will help. KYB is a broad concept that applies to all areas of your business, from supply-chain to customer onboarding. Our platform is straightforward and easy-to-use, allowing small to medium businesses and large enterprises to conduct KYB compliance checks, giving you an in-depth understanding of who you are dealing with, and any associated financial risk implications. This allows you to make informed decisions in real time.


Identify Financially Healthy Businesses

The UK’s number one insolvency rating that implements a different approach to financial health.


Demonstrate Compliance

Protect your business interests and determine whether you're doing business with legal or shell companies.



Dissect and untangle complex international business structures in minutes with global offering.


KYB Checks

Streamline your business verification process

Complete Due Dilligence Process

Knowing what’s behind the business an organisation is working with ensures authenticity and protection against corrupt or fraudulent business practices. Business verification services also prevent financial crimes, such as money laundering and terror financing activities.

In addition, KYB procedures include ultimate beneficial ownership (or UBO) as a transparency mechanism. Establishing UBO allows revealing who is directly benefiting from the business profits.



How Our KYB Solution Works

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Company Search

Search the company you want by name or registered company number.


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Discover information about the company and individual actors. Toggle through the financial data and take note of financial health score and directors.

Unique Data
Use portfolio management

Create a portfolio of companies or individuals to monitor, and always be alerted in real-time of changes.

Protect your business and meet your compliance requirements with Red Flag Alert

As AML compliance requirements grow more complex and stringent, understanding the company and people you are actually doing business with is becoming more and more important.

Those who neglect to do this are at risk of being exploited by criminals or punished by regulators.

Red Flag Alert provides world class protection for your business that meets all AML compliance regulations.

  • Unravel complex group structures
  • Easily identify UBOs
  • Full reports on all UK and over 350 million international businesses
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Should My Business be Performing KYB?

Know Your Business or KYB is a complicated topic but is a mandatory procedure for AML-regulated companies. KYB checks consist of the retrieval of a company’s details and due diligence credit checks, corporate structure, identification, and verification of the UBOs, application of the risk-based approach, and adequate responses to high-risk factors. Each case may vary depending on its specifics and jurisdiction.

KYB is mandatory for financial institutions and various other AML-regulated organisations to verify the identities of their corporate clients. The KYB process is mandatory due to it being a matter of legal compliance for the financial sector. If you are not in the financial sector, your business should still use KYB to eradicate financial risk and fraud. Red Flag Alert utilises Digital AML as well as Manuel AML that cross references the information submitted with domestic and foreign databases. The Digital AML provides where compliance is necessary and preventing the risk of dealing with sanctioned clients.

More Frequently Asked Questions about KYB

What is a KYB check?

Know your business (KYB) are the checks that a firm carries out in order to verify the companies and suppliers they deal with. This is the due diligence review of an organization to help you make informed decisions and verify the legitimacy of a corporate client.

Why is KYB important?

KYB obtains and verifies essential information about the companies they are dealing with; organisations can ensure that every business being onboarded is legitimate and not ultimately funding criminal activity of any kind. This also looks at the financial health and the UBO’s of the company. Examining how organisations are set up and the individuals involved can help compliance teams to minimise the risk of their company inadvertently being linked with fraud or any other criminal activity. It is important to note that KYB is not a once off check. It is an ongoing process that must be revisited fairly regularly, depending on the level of risk deemed applicable to each individual client once onboarded.

What’s the difference between a KYC and KYB check?

KYB and KYC are due diligence checks and effectively allow a company to verify the identity of a client or customer. The key difference is lies in the information that is needed to verify identity. KYC checks verify the identity of an individual where details like their full name, date of birth and address are vital. KYB check the existence of a business as opposed to an individual. Verifying their registration, identifying UBO’s and any persons of significant control. This also includes looking at the financial health of the business.