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Easily fill your pipeline with our B2B Prospector tool

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Easily find your ideal customers with our intuitive B2B Prospector tool

Finds hundreds of companies that match your ideal customer profile with our straightforward search tool and its 100+ filters to define your search by. These include:

  • Sector & SIC code
  • Turnover & estimated turnover
  • Creditworthiness
  • Location
  • Growth score
  • Financial data
  • Auditor
  • Mortgage data


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AI Enhanced Data

Find the businesses your competitors can’t

Turnover and SIC code are two of the most important metrics whilst prospecting, yet for a huge amount of UK businesses there is no accurate data for these.

Our platform features advanced turnover estimation and best match SIC code tools to provide unparalleled visibility of UK businesses, especially SMEs.

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Find growing companies and better understand risk with our Growth Score

Find the leading businesses of tomorrow and understand company momentum with our Growth Score.

Our proprietary Growth Score shows the likelihood of a company’s turnover growing by 20% in the next 12 months.

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SME & Enterprise busineses, including:

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Protect yourself from bad debt and improve your workflow

Your credit risk processes are vital for your company’s survival but prospecting and selling only to have the deal fail at the final credit check wastes time and money.

Red Flag Alert lets you include a credit check as part of your prospecting search. Giving you only the companies that will pass your credit risk processes.

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Boost your sales with our advanced technology

Complete Database

Database of every UK company and over 350+ million international companies.

Granular search

100+ filters to help you find your perfect prospects.

Safer business

Avoid bad debt by credit screening at the prospecting stage.

Smarter business

Better understand the opportunity and risk in your prospect pool with built in analysis tools

CRM integration
Seamless CRM tie in with deal maker information

Unparalleled insights to help you prospect effectively and close deals

Access prequalified leads with our proprietary data, personalise your messaging and connect with the ideal target audience. Our AI-powered algorithm accurately predicts a range of critical data: financial health, turnover, employee numbers, profit and specific SIC codes. 

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Get the most out of your CRM

An up to date CRM can be one of a company’s most powerful assets but the constant data entry required for this is unpopular with staff and is often neglected. This results in most companies CRMs being filled with out of date and incorrect information, which makes prospecting more difficult.

Our platform seamlessly plugs into all major CRM systems and feeds Red Flag Alert’s business data directly into your system, keeping your records accurate and up to date.


Get dealmaker information and prospect directly from your CRM

With our CRM plug in you can prospect directly from your CRM system and even find the dealmaker information for your target companies.

Our system eliminates the need for lengthy data entry by automatically creating records for your prospects in your system.

RFA CRM integration

Integrations & Apps with Leading CRMs

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From Our Customers

Listen to how we have helped our customers

"We were looking for a partner to enhance the data offering to our clients, and Red Flag Alert have done just that. They understood our business, our culture, and our aspirations for the future. We’ve seen some great feedback on our integration, and we are very happy with both the solution and team at Red Flag Alert."

Rob Mead

Strategic Software Projects Director

“One advantage that RFA has over its competitors is the health rating – this  

becomes key when you haven’t got stability in the market. It allows you to be more strategic, utilising the health rating to be proactive and focused in targeting potential customers.” 


Energisave Online  

“One of the easiest purchasing experiences. Very quick response... worked out requirements same day, demo arranged very quickly, very good communication, we were given test access, went through the commercials, they were very accommodating on being competitive and the additional elements were agreed very quickly.”


Shawbrook Bank

Easily find high growth creditworthy businesses with Red Flag Alert

Prospecting for financially strong companies that suite your ideal customer profile can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack if you don't have the correct tools in place.

With Red Flag Alert B2B Prospector it becomes as easy as clicking a few buttons!

Our market leading prospecting tool allows you to set your search with over 100 filters. For prospecting as high level or granular as you need. 

Create sales and marketing lists of only creditworthy businesses that are in the right position to buy from you today.

Our B2B Prospector Tool can even plug seamlessly into your CRM and automatically create records for your ideal prospects, including decision maker information.

  • Over 100 filters, including: health score, growth score, size, turnover, location, auditor
  • Unparalleled visibility of SME's with estimated turnover search function
  • Eliminate time and money spent marketing and selling to uncreditworthy prospects
  • Align sales and credit risk
  • Seamless CRM integration
  • Database of every UK company needs the contact information you provide to us to contact you about our products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For information on how to unsubscribe, as well as our privacy practices and commitment to protecting your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

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