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About Us

Who we are and where we came from

Data. A bit boring isn't it? It can be, but it can also be the difference between business success and failure. Which is why we believe businesses should make decisions based on fact, not hunches.

We want you to imagine the exact moment a major customer calls you and says they can’t pay that huge invoice that’s due next week and they will not be placing anymore orders. Worrying? Scary?

Now, imagine that you knew 12 months ago they were in trouble and that this call was coming sooner or later. In those 12 months you’ve identified and acquired profitable new customers, so losing this one is hardly going to cause a ripple. Doesn’t that feel better? Red Flag Alert allows you to spot the dangers before they cause you harm, and find those new customers needed to secure growth.

Humble beginnings

Red Flag Alert started life as an internal database tasked with identifying new business opportunities for an insolvency company. Due to its unique ‘health rating’ system and two million data updates per month, it did this incredibly well. So well, in fact, that people quickly realised that the information within Red Flag Alert could be vital to other businesses to help them avoid many of the pitfalls that have seen thousands of companies go to the wall. In 2009 we set out on our own, and since then we have undoubtedly helped prevent many businesses going bust as well as helping to create thousands of jobs within the UK as our customers grow as a result of our service.

Our people

Our small but perfectly formed team know data better than most, though we’re not a bunch of geeks with leather patches on our elbows. You’ll find we are a friendly, welcoming, helpful group who want to support your business. We’re also the perfect size: small enough to give our customers the personal service we all crave, but big enough to make a real difference.

We may be an online service, but we believe business is done better face to face. We’re fully house trained and we’ll happily come to you to show you what we do. If you want training, no problem –we’ll do that too, at your place. Told you we were helpful.

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Red Flag Alert
302 Chambers Business Centre
Chapel Road, Hollinwood
Greater Manchester
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