Digital ID Verification

Fast, easy and accurate IDV checks with full global coverage

Identity  checks form an important part of AML, KYC and anti-fraud processes but they are often inconvenient to your customer, labour intensive and form a bottle neck to revenue.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Red Flag Alert’s AI driven IDV checks take moments to send out, are delivered in your branding and are completed directly off your client’s device in as little as 60 seconds.

What’s more, our advanced facial and document verification technology, multi-bureau analysis and full global coverage results in a match rate of 98% whilst your full audit trail is recorded and stored on our platform.

Digital identity checks Send your clients self-service digital AML checks in just a few clicks

Take your IDV process from days to minutes with Red Flag Alert’s market leading technology

Red Flag Alert offers the most advanced IDV technology available to ensure a painless and smooth journey for both you and your customer that also offers peerless protection for your business.

We eliminate the risk of human error, which is one of the main causes of risk and delays in IDV processes, by sending your client a digital check that uses advanced AI powered technology to verify and match their image and documents.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Speed up customer onboarding with remote authentication and instant verification


Reduce costs

One simple system that can be used by all employees


Multi-bureau analysis

Reduces referral rate

Comply with regulations and avoid regulatory fines

Perform regulatory checks and meet auditors’ requirements and avoid any fines from non-compliance

Unique Data

Provide a secure audit trail

Be prepared to prove where your data comes from all the time & produce regulatory documents for auditors at any time


Integrate with leading CRMs

idv aml

Improve your customer’s onboarding journey

Having to scan and send sensitive documents only to wait days for results is not the best first impression for your customers and doesn’t accurately reflect your business. Even if your business leverages digital checks, poor match rates and being sent from a data company unknown to you client is not the best your onboarding journey could be.

Our checks are delivered in your branding, offer a 98% match rate to avoid checks being repeated, are completed off your customers device with the results being delivered to you in just seconds.

With our technology your customer’s first experience with your company will not just be smooth and painless but present your company as professional, efficient and hi-tech.

Know your customers and combat identity fraud

Know your customer checks help you avoid working with companies involved in money laundering and fraud. This protects you from economic crime and helps you comply with financial regulations. 

The know your customer process helps you identify:

High-risk customers

Make authentication faster, easier, and more secure.

Ongoing monitoring

Customers must be continually monitored because the regulatory environment is constantly changing and evolving.Our data includes national and international lists of high-risk countries and individuals.

Meet KYC Regulatory Compliance

Full audit check of all AML checks performed

Biometric authentication
Facial biometrics enables the simplest, most secure authentication experience. 

Fully white-labelled KYC check

  • Multibureau analysis
  • 98% match rate
  • 16,000 documents accepted
  • 220 countries and territories
  • 142 languages and typesets
  • Fully compliant
  • Bulk upload
  • Checks delivered in your branding
  • Document verification
  • Liveness check
  • Checks for over 250 datapoints per check

Cutting edge digital EIDV and document verification technology

With fraudsters and money launderers becoming ever more sophisticated, it has never been more important to have the proper tools in place to spot forged documents and make sure your client is who they claim to be.

Red Flag Alert deploys advanced EIDV facial recognition and document verification technology to protect your business from bad actors and ensure you are meeting compliance standards.

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