Keep your ear to the ground Adverse Media screening and monitoring

Adverse media checks add an extra layer to your AML processes by checking traditional and online media for negative news stories, bad sentiment and accusations against an individual. This gives access to new avenues of discovering potential bad actors or simply just individuals that may hurt your brand reputation by association.

Our system combs both domestic and international media sources for negative press, giving you access to the collective knowledge of the global press, and then performs real time monitoring with instant alerts to make sure your business is always protected.

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Real-time screening for Adverse Media

Red Flag Alert makes performing adverse media checks easy and instantaneous to identify any information which may pose a threat to your company’s compliance or reputation. Our adverse media checks look at thousands of sources from all around the world in real time and even continue to monitor for your client and send live alerts should negative news be published.

Our sources include:


Television news




Online news outlets



Path 174

Social media


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Why choose Red Flag Alert?

Access Adverse Media Screening and Monitoring through Red Flag Alert’s complete compliance solution. Our fully digital platform offers unbeatable media coverage, that is guaranteed to save time and money. Our AML and KYC compliance checked can be combined with Adverse Media, so employees can undertake due diligence with a simple click of a button.

Ensure compliance and remain up-to-date with any changes through continuous media monitoring.

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A Complete Breakdown on Businesses & Individuals

Adverse Media is one of the most important features in our Digital AML solution. The monitoring feature gives you real time alerts on individuals you choose to monitor. Our Digital AML solution provides a broader level of compliance with the ability to check UBOs and directors for PEPS and Sanctions. The benefits of the RFA platform are limitless in the sense that we are constantly striving to update and advance our technologies.


How It Works

Ideal for SMEs and enterprises alike, our solution utilises Digital AML as well as Manual AML, cross referencing the information submitted with domestic and foreign databases. You will receive an alert once the check is complete along with the results that will help you in making your final decision.

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1. Send your check

Your check is sent to you customer in your branding which they complete directly from their device.

2. Verify details

Once your customer has completed the check we confirm their identity and run it against thousands of databases across multiple bureaus. A full report is then available through the Red Flag Alert platform with a fully documented audit trail.

Unique Data
3. Ongoing monitoring

If the customer is approved you can set up monitoring alerts so you know whenever their risk profile changes. You should also re-check each customer at least once every six months.

If you get audited by the regulator you can instantly produce anti-money laundering records for every customer. You can also show them the data sources you used to prove customer identities.

Adverse Media Checks on Individuals

Find out how easy it is to perform Adverse Media Checks on Red Flag Alert today.

  • Optimise your due diligence efforts with Adverse Media Checks in seconds
  • Check any individual across the globe for negative news
  • Monitor individuals for any changes to their status
  • Set up alerts suited to your needs.   

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adverse Media

What is Adverse Media ?

Adverse media is unfavourable news or information reported across a range of media sources. These are traditional newspapers and news outlets, but in the modern age also social media, press releases, and blogs. Adverse media checks help uncover suspected links to criminal activity and money laundering. 

What is classed as Adverse Media?

The news topics classed as adverse, in a business context, are:

  • Suspected/confirmed money laundering activity
  • Suspected/confirmed terrorism financing activity
  • Suspected/confirmed terrorism inks
  • Suspected/confirmed organised crime links
  • Suspected/confirmed fraudulent activity
  • Political links
  • Poor reputation
What are Adverse Media Checks

Adverse media checks are part of the due diligence process. Whilst it is possible to perform a cursory adverse media check manually, this is inadvisable as the number of articles and media sources an individual can check is limited and they will almost certainly miss some information.

Digital adverse media checks, such as the ones on Red Flag Alert, are advanced, AI-driven processes; where millions of media stories are checked for references to the subject of the search. Any that are found and classed as adverse are then flagged and a decision can be made as to whether to do business together.