Red Flag Alert for Private Equity and Venture Capital Businesses

Entrepreneurs seeking funding are often good at over-estimating their business’s growth potential and skipping over the issues they may face.

Red Flag Alert provides you with the data and tools you need to accurately and independently assess a business.

Boost Your Portfolio

Private equity and venture capital companies get approached by thousands of companies in need of funding.

This makes it difficult for them to know which companies present the best investment opportunities.

Red Flag Alert allows you to find companies with high growth potential that suit your strategy.


Make better investment decisions



Increase your portfolio’s value



Make revenues more predictable



Avoid losses


The UK’s Best Business Database

We have detailed data on every UK company. This information is updated in real time from over 200 sources worldwide—you can be confident your data is accurate and up to date.

✔️Over 15 million companies

✔️Over 100 data points

✔️180,000 updates per day

Fund the Best Businesses

Our data allows private equity and venture capital companies to identify companies best suited for funding. Useful data points include:

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  • Created with Lunacy
Growth propensity score

We take firm-level data and apply complex calculations to identify which businesses will grow at a rate of 20% over 3-4 years.

Sector data

We assign detailed SIC codes to each business so that you know exactly what they do. You can rely on them when making decisions for your business.

Geographic data
We allow you to visualise company data on a map, so you can see the economic make-up of different areas.
Estimated turnover

We measure this year's estimated turnover against previous years. This shows which businesses are growing fastest and have the greatest potential for further growth. 

Loan propensity

This is a company’s ability to take on debt. It indicates several things, including whether it will grow or if it is likely to experience bad debt.

Micro entity data

Many companies applying for funding will be small start-ups and there will be little publicly available financial information on them. We use advanced calculations to reliably evaluate micro entities.

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