Data Cleansing & Enriching Tool

Eliminate data entry and keep your records up to date with automatic data cleansing and enriching.

An out of date and inaccurate CRM makes selling more difficult and harms all levels of decision making.

A CRM should be one of a company’s greatest assets but the reality of staff disliking and avoiding the data entry necessary to keep it current, as well as the fact it is impossible to keep up to date with changes in your network as they happen, mean that this si usually not the case.

We eliminate this problem with our data cleansing and enrichment tool. Our system feeds our industry leading B2B data directly into your CRM, automatically keeping your records up to date and filling in any missing information.

Growth Score — Identify companies that are growing at a rate of +20% over the next 3-4 years

Data Cleansing & Enriching Tool


More time selling

Sales staff no longer need to waste time on data entry


Make better decisions

Having up to date and accurate data allows for more informed and effective decision making


Fully compliant

Red Flag Alert allows you to comply with GDPR and AML laws and avoid regulatory fines.

The Latest Company Data at Your Fingertips

No more relying on static data that immediately goes out of date. Red Flag Alert connects to your CRM and ensures you have direct access to the latest data.

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Every UK business

We provide detailed financial information on companies both in the UK and across the globe.

Real-time updates

Our database is updated as soon as something changes—no bulk updates required, saving you time.

Reliably sourced data

Our global teams collect data from official registers and other primary data sources.

Direct feed to your CRM

If our data changes then so will the data in your CRM will, all happening immediately and without delay.

Search for company information

Over 140 filters are available in our business database so you can finetune your searches. 

Get Deeper Insights with Red Flag Alert

Our predictive machine-learning algorithms perform deep data analysis. It provides you with powerful sales and marketing insights.

Precise SIC codes

Companies House SIC codes are vague. We use sectoral data to provide highly accurate codes that can be relied on. 

Credit risk scores

We calculate a credit risk score for every business for use in our credit checks. We provide a clear risk ratings system.

Growth propensity score

We identify businesses meeting the OECD’s definition of a fast-growing company, giving you an accurate picture of growth.

Dealmaker information

Don’t waste time speaking to the wrong person with dealmaker information fed directly into your CRM

Micro company data

Small companies are exempt from filing detailed accounts. We can use data from other sources to fill in the blanks.

Experts in Data Cleansing

Our experts can help you get the best out of your data. Our step-by-step process ensures that it is accurate, consistent and error-free.

Data Cleansing and Enriching FAQs

Got a question about data cleansing or data enrichment? If you can’t find the information that you need below, get in touch

What Is Data Cleansing?

Data cleaning or data cleansing is the process of improving a database’s quality by ensuring: 

  • There are no missing values or missing data
  • It is in a consistent format
  • It is accurate and up to date
  • There are no duplicate records
  • It can be used by your sales team
What Is Data Enriching?

Data enrichment is when deeper insights are gained from raw data. We do this by making additional calculations using historic data and our machine-learning algorithms. This allows us to provide accurate data that predicts things like whether a business will grow or how likely a business is to go insolvent.

Why Does Data Quality Matter?

Data quality matters for several reasons:

  • Make Good Decisions
    Firstly, your sales team needs high-quality data to make good decisions about the companies they target with sales and marketing campaigns to target them with. With quality data, they can accurately see which businesses match their ideal customer profiles.

  • Business Efficiency
    Secondly, data quality can impact the efficiency of the sales team. If your team contacts a company and discovers that the CRM data they have is inaccurate then there are two problems:
    •  It’s harder and takes longer to make a sale
    • They need to manually correct the bad data

    Now imagine if this happens several times per day. Your sales team is wasting huge amounts of time and missing out on sales. 

  • Avoid Losing Money
    Poor data quality can also cost you money. Many businesses target companies with robust finances to give them a stable customer base. But what if your data sets are out of date? The companies you target may not be as financially sound as you think, increasing the risk to your business.

  • Comply with Regulations
    Finally, having a well-managed database and excellent data quality ensures you comply with regulations. Two good examples are GDPR and AML rules. 

    GDPR rules require that your data warehousing is secure and that the information you hold is accurate and up to date. 

    AML rules require you to be able to produce the data set you used to make a decision on a client when a regulator requests it.

    A cloud-based platform for business intelligence like Red Flag Alert allows you to do this. 
How Do We Perform Data Cleaning?

The data cleaning process has five main stages. First, we use data cleaning tools to audit your data quality. We then compare this to the information in our own database and remove any incorrect or ‘dirty’ data.

Next, we go through a data deduplication process that removes any repeat entries. We then populate your database with our own clean and enriched data.

At this stage the data cleansing process is complete. All that is left is to add tags to highlight the data sets that your sales team finds most useful.

With Red Flag Alert, the data cleansing process only has to be performed once. After that we automatically keep your data accurate and up to date. This means you don’t need to spend money on costly data cleansing tools.

Keep your CRM accurate and up to date with Red Flag Alert

For your CRM to be an effective tool it needs to be kept up to date as inaccurate records can be worse than no records at all.

The trouble is this requires staff to spend time away from their duties on the ever unpopular task of data entry. In reality, this is rarely done and most companies CRM systems a bloated with incorrect records.

With Red Flag Alert integrated into your CRM this becomes a thing of the past. Our system can automatically cleanse and enrich your records, correcting any inaccuracies and filling in any gaps.

Meaning you can leverage the true potential of your CRM without the need for staff to spend valuable time entering data and managers chasing them to do so!

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