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Designed to help protect and grow your business

Whatever the size of your business, whatever products you make and sell, or what services you offer, you run your business in a marketplace filled with competitors and clients. You need to understand your market and the environment you operate in order to grow your business and protect it from any potential pitfalls regardless of your role. Red Flag Alert’s data is refreshed daily and gives you the intelligence to aid your strategic decision-making to ensure you improve staff efficiency, maximise budget spend and avoid relationships that could ultimately damage your bottom line.

You can download a summary of Red Flag Alerts features and benefits by visiting here. To find out how we can provide solutions to departments across your business please follow the links below.

Sales - Red Flag Alert can help you to ensure your sales teams focus only on those prospects that are in a position to do business and likely to be around for the long term.

Finance - Knowing the financial health of a current or potential customer enables you to set the appropriate credit terms so your business doesn’t suffer the consequences of poor credit risk

Marketing - Red Flag Alert gives you access to the most accurate data source available, enabling you to create targeted prospects for your campaigns. No more wasted budget sending marketing material to customers who are never going to purchase due to their financial health.

Supply Chain - One broken link in your supply chain can spell disaster for your business. Red Flag Alert’s monitoring function allows you to keep a close eye on your suppliers and anticipate any issues because it alerts you to events that might require you to take preventative action.

Procurement - It’s vital that you know exactly who you’re doing business with. Red Flag Alert puts all the information you could possibly need at your fingertips to enable you to carry out full due diligence on any current or potential supplier.

Anti Money Laundering - The penalties for not having effective AML processes in place are huge. Can your business afford not to have the most robust, efficient and technologically advanced AML solution in your corner?

API - Our cutting-edge open-source API ensures a seamless integration between Red Flag Alert’s information and your systems to maximise efficiency. See documents here  https://developer.redflagalert.net 

CRM Integration - a CRM system without accurate data is not going to benefit your business. By integrating our data into your CRM you'll gain efficiencies and win more of the right customers