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PEPs and Sanctions checks with live monitoring

In some cases an AML check may not be enough and it is necessary to carry out enhanced due diligence on a potential business partner. Whether it is because they are from a high risk background or merely based on your intuition; enhanced due diligence checks are an important part of your compliance processes.

Ensure you are meeting compliance with our PEPs and sanctions and make sure your business is always protected by live monitoring your business partners for these on an ongoing basis.

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Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS) are individuals who hold prominent positions in society, including politicians, senior government officials and senior law enforcement members; or are associated with those who are.

Sanctions are extremely serious pieces of legislation issued by governments or international bodies effectively outlawing having business dealings or aiding certain individuals, groups or even nations. The ramifications for breaking sanctions are severe and they must be adhered to.

PEPs and sanction screening in a few, simple clicks

Streamlining your PEPs and sanctions screening has never been simpler. With just a few clicks you can ensure compliance and undertake effective client due diligence to improve your internal processes and increase revenue. Rapid and accurate client checks during onboarding are critical for reducing financial threats and maintain legal compliance as required within your sector.

Red Flag Alert  allows for quick and accurate PEPs and sanctions screenings so you can perform powerful and compliant enhanced due diligence on your high risk clients. Our system uses multibureau analysis for peerless accuracy, ensuring you do not do business with any individual that might harm you’re your reputation and leave you vulnerable to prosecution.

For a further layer of protection, our system will perform live monitoring of your check subjects and send you real time alerts if they should become politically exposed or the subject of a sanction.


Global PEPs & sanctions screening

Red Flag Alert screens individuals against both domestic and international databases to give full global coverage.


Boost your accuracy and lower referrals with advanced AI powered technology

Our checks utilize AI technology that removes human error and scans your clients face and documents for hundreds of data points to confirm their identity. This is then run across global databases at multiple bureaus to give a peerless 98% match rate.


Digital audit trail

There’s no need to worry about storing and maintaining your audit trail as our platform automatically stores it for you in the cloud.


Real time monitoring and alerts

Our system offers real time monitoring and alerts, so if your client becomes a risk to your business you will know instantly.

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Improve your customer experience

AML processes are traditionally inconvenient for customers and can start your relationship off on the wrong foot. Our checks are delivered in your branding, straight to your customers device and take just 60 seconds to complete; ensuring a smooth, professional and easy experience.


Shorten your time to revenue

AML, and especially enhanced due diligence, processes are time consuming and often take days to complete. This causes a bottleneck to revenue and risks a competitor out bidding you in the meantime, especially if they can onboard quicker than you. Our technology eliminates this problem by taking your process from days to minutes.

Why choose us?

  • 16,000 documents accepted
  • AI powered facial recognition technology
  • Multibureau analysis
  • Fully digital platform
  • Bulk check
  • Document verification
  • 98% match rate
  • Checks delivered in your branding
  • Fully digital audit trail
  • Live PEPs and sanctions monitoring

How It Works

Ideal for SMEs and enterprises alike, our solution utilises Digital AML as well as Manual AML, cross referencing the information submitted with domestic and foreign databases. You will receive an alert once the check is complete along with the results that will help you in making your final decision.

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  • Created with Lunacy
1. Send your check

Your check is sent to you customer in your branding which they complete directly from their device.


2. Verify details

Once your customer has completed the check we confirm their identity and run it against thousands of databases across multiple bureaus. A full report is then available through the Red Flag Alert platform with a fully documented audit trail

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3. Ongoing Monitoring

If the customer is approved you can set up monitoring alerts so you know whenever their risk profile changes. You should also re-check each customer at least once every six months.

If you get audited by the regulator you can instantly produce anti-money laundering records for every customer. You can also show them the data sources you used to prove customer identities.

Look deeper with Red Flag Alert Enhanced Due Diligence

Sometimes a simple AML check isn't enough and you need to dig deeper. This may be because your prospective business partner is from a high risk country or simply because you feel it is necessary.

Whatever the reason, Red Flag Alert is your perfect partner for performing fully compliant enhanced due diligence.

Our fully digital platform allows you to protect your business and remain compliant without any delay to your business process or inconvenience to your customer.

  • Fully compliant PEPs, sanctions and adverse media checks with live monitoring
  • Fully digital platform requires less than a minute of staff time to send a check
  • Advanced EIDV and document verification technology
  • 98% match rate with multi-bureau analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions about PEPs & Sanctions

What are examples of sanctions?

There are numerous sanctions that can be enforced by regulation. Here are a few examples: Embargoes on trade, Prohibitions on certain types of trade or on trade with certain business, Asset Freezes and Travel bans on individuals. These are not limited to just these sanctions as they vary per purpose and reasoning.

What are UK sanctions?

UK sanctions are regulations made under the Sanctions Act which apply in the entire United Kingdom as well as Northern Ireland. These prohibitions and requirements in the UK sanctions regulations apply to conduct by UK citizens. This also includes anyone in the UK and its territorial waters, UK nationals outside of the UK, and bodies incorporated under the law of any part of the UK.

What are the 3 types of PEPs?

The three types of PEPS include:

  • Politicians
  • Senior government officials
  • Senior law enforcement members
Why are PEPs high risk?

PEPS are a high risk to businesses as they hold positions of authority and influence. Many of these PEPS hold positions that can be abused or impacted for illegal activity such as bribery, corruption and money laundering.

What is a politically exposed person (PEP)?

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS) are those trusted in prominent positions of authority and influence including politicians, senior government officials and senior law enforcement members. This also includes those that are closely associated with PEPS. These people may have an influence on them and the decisions they make.