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We capture and enrich data on every UK business, giving our clients the insights to deliver best-in-class sales, credit risk and compliance.

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Our cloud-based business intelligence software helps clients become data-driven, delivering results for FTSE 100 stalwarts and SMEs.

Accelerate business growth

Detailed information on every UK company helps your sales team build a data-driven process, targeting your ideal customers and finding real-time sales opportunities.

Stay Compliant

Our AML checks provide peace of mind. We deliver full risk checking, enhanced due diligence and checks against international PEPs and sanctions databases.

Avoid unnecessary risk

Our unique financial health ratings accurately predict insolvency, helping you evaluate the risk posed by your customers and giving you time to mitigate it.

Increase efficiency

We help you build fast, efficient and effective systems, including onboarding, CRM management, customer monitoring and lead generation.

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" We use the search tool to identify businesses in specific geographic areas, with the right number of staff, the right turnover, and a low risk of non-payment. Now we have experienced the benefits of Red Flag Alert, we could not be without it. "

Mark Bryan, NSL Telecoms

" From a business development perspective, our brokers are benefiting greatly from the additional information that Red Flag Alert supplies – we’re able to zero in on ideal prospects and build effective marketing lists. "

Ben Robert-Shaw, Power Solutions UK

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Jan 14 2021

B2B Sales Advice: Adopt a Hunting Mentality

Today sales teams have a wealth of digital tools and data at their disposal to help them work more efficiently and improve their success rates. It’s a very different world to when I started in sales; back then you had to rely on your instincts and initiative to find leads and nurture them through to close.

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Jan 12 2021

Women in Sales and the Shift Towards Customer Success

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of that research and explain how the skills that women tend to favour are becoming increasingly useful in the world of B2B sales. We’ll also take a look at how certain changes to the business landscape will likely mean that these qualities will be in even more demand in the future, and how Red Flag Alert can help you adapt to this new world.

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