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Whether you’re a CEO, marketing director, manager, or anywhere in between, there’s a good chance you’ve had countless meetings on how to best manage your customers, contacts, leads, and opportunities. The large amounts of data that the average company processes each day mean that keeping on top of it and – more importantly – leveraging the value of it becomes difficult.

Red Flag Alert is here to help you embrace Big Data CRM (big data customer relationship management) which means integrating big data into a company's CRM processes. We have a database of real-time business intelligence which you can integrate into your CRM; meaning your data will constantly be updated and your team won’t need to spend time manually updating your CRM. Our team of data experts help you with the process of streamlining your data. We can help with all aspects of the process, from data review to advice and guidance based on business outcomes and compliance requirements.

CRM Management

We have helped over 9000 businesses streamline data processes so we know how difficult it can be to manage the information in your CRM. Our team are experienced in auditing and streamlining your data.

One our key tools to help you streamline the information in your CRM is our API; using our API means you can integrate our data into your CRM in real-time. This gives you access to:

  • 5 million + UK businesses
  • 20 million + directors and business proprietors
  • 1 million+ updates every month
  • 2.4 million contact details
  • 900,000 GDPR compliant e-mail addresses
  • Market leading insolvency scorecard

This information is updated in your CRM in real time meaning you have the most up-to-date business information at your fingertips. For every business in the UK you will be able to access on your CRM:

  • 40 + fields of contact information
  • 2.4 million + contact details
  • 900,000 GDPR compliant e-mail addresses
  • Financial history
  • Employees
  • Sector
  • Location

How it Works

You can get access to our data by using our API; this will integrate the data into your CRM so your records will have the latest available information. Our team are here to help with setting this up so the integration will be streamlined most efficiently.

Once it is set up then your data will be updated every day – there are a million changes to our data monthly, and your CRM will be having these in real time.

  • Records will be updated daily
  • You will be able to auto-fill new records saving considerable time when uploading
  • The CRM will be de-duped and cleaned so that it won’t be filled with old records.
  • Real-time updates of business health, directors, financial performance, contact details and over 40 other key business fields

Key Benefits

Integrating your data will help power your CRM in many ways, here are just a couple of the highlights.

  • Up-to-date information in your CRM will enable your sales marketing team to build better lists and contact prospects much more easily.
  • The integration of financial health data will give you updates on whether any of your clients are in financial distress.
  • Your MDM process can be enriched by having one set of master data from which to build systems and policies..
  • By having up to date information, you can have stronger AML and GDPR compliance policies.
  • Giving everyone in your organisation access to the same data will enable them to collaborate and share information more easily.
  • You will save time by ensuring that your team are not spending valuable hours updating and cleaning your database.

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An API that delivers more


30 Years of financial data
35+ Fields of company credentials
15 Million director relationships
Company alerts from 1 month's time
17,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started

Market Comparison

15 Years of financial data
30+ Fields of company credentials
14 Million director relationships
Company Alerts from 1-2 year's time
10,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started
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