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Red Flag Alert Launches Zoho Integration

Red Flag Alert Launches Zoho Integration
Nov 20, 2019 Red Flag Alert Updated On: February 20, 2023

With over 100,000 changes to UK business data every single day, data quickly becomes obsolete – undermining the effectiveness of even the most sophisticated CRM. 

As a UK-based, leading business intelligence solution, Red Flag Alert is always looking to address this problem and is proud to announce the launch of a new Zoho integration that gives small businesses access to the same quality of data as large multinational businesses, directly into their CRM. 

“This is a Game Changer” 

Red Flag Alert CRO Richard West believes this integration will help Zoho users make a quantum leap in the productivity of their CRM:

“Small businesses have been working with ineffectual data solutions for too long. By building this integration we are levelling the playing field – a small four-person business can now access the same data as a huge multinational organisation – through a CRM they are already familiar using. ” 

Richard is passionate about data as a tool to enable better business: 

“The quality of data in Red Flag Alert is truly unique – we’re obsessed about creating genuine insight for our users. We’ve been working on our business intelligence algorithm for over 13 years – now any small business can access hundreds of critical data points on 6.5 million UK businesses – it’s a total game changer.” 

By giving Zoho users sophisticated business intelligence directly into their CRM, businesses can start to build data-driven operating models and a strong competitive advantage. 

The Ultimate Enterprise Solution for Small Business   

Zoho users will be able to integrate Red Flag Alert data directly into their CRM, providing real-time information to support sales, risk, compliance and any other departments that rely on business data. Red Flag Alert’s Chief Revenue Officer Richard West explains how Red Flag Alert can help businesses with growth: 

“Red Flag Alert data gives sales and marketing teams a huge competitive advantage. First, it helps users identify the best prospects and build highly targeted sales lists; second, it provides detailed contact information to strengthen outreach; and third, the 100,000 daily updates are perfect sales triggers that help users to reach out to prospects at the right time.” 

Five Ways the Red Flag Alert Zoho Integration Will Supercharge Your Small Business 

Improve Efficiency 

Manually updating a CRM can waste hours and hours every week; it’s laborious, and most employees hate doing it. Not only does it take time, it is often inaccurate. It’s no surprise that on average CRM data decays at 3% per month. 

Using Red Flag Alert intelligence, the CRM is populated in real time with any available information, providing teams with rich data when it becomes available and saving them hours of manual work each week. 

Manage Credit Risk 

Red Flag Alert collates data from a large range of sources then deploys a sophisticated algorithm and machine learning to generate a financial health rating for each business. Each rating gives an accurate prediction of insolvency within the next 12 months. 

There are seven ratings, providing invaluable insight for small businesses looking to manage risk and learn if clients are facing financial distress. 

With the Zoho integration, these ratings will be available in the Zoho CRM, and critical changes emailed to users at predefined intervals. 

Build Customer Avatars 

Red Flag Alert data is detailed: with hundreds of data points on every business and billions of possible searches, you can find the ideal customers for your business. Whether that is based on critical data like location, sector or turnover, or financial information like creditor services data or SIC codes, using Red Flag Alert helps build target prospect lists that work. 

With the Zoho integration, you can easily create different target lists, access the latest data and streamline your sales operation within a few hours. 

Create Winning Sales Presentations 

When you are trying to win new business, information can be an incredible asset. By accessing Red Flag Alert before a presentation, sales teams can get a crucial edge, whether that means gaining an insight on a competitor, better understanding of current priorities, or being aware of a new key appointment, Red Flag Alert has the latest information. 

The Zoho integration will be updating the CRM in real time so when a sales rep opens their laptop to prepare a presentation, the most up-to-date information on that client will be ready to use. 

Nail Your Compliance Requirements 

Red Flag Alert is the perfect tool to mitigate compliance risk in an increasingly complex environment. Red Flag Alert helps businesses understand who they are working with ­– critical in a new world of GDPR and rigorous anti-money laundering regulations. 

Using the Zoho integration enables users to quickly and easily determine risk levels and set up monitoring, so you are immediately updated when new risks emerge.  

For more information on our Zoho integration, request a free trial today.


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