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Red Flag Alert partner with The Growth Company to launch Growth Flag

Jan 19, 2023 Red Flag Alert Updated On: October 9, 2023
Red Flag Alert partner with The Growth Company to launch Growth Flag

What is Growth Flag?

Growth Flag is a joint venture between Red Flag Alert and The Growth Company, an award winning social enterprise that has a mission to enable growth, create jobs and improve lives.

It is a unique tool that identifies, predicts, highlights growth and growth potential at all levels, from the wider macro-economy down to individual businesses.

It has been designed as an indispensable tool, for both the public and private sectors, that provides otherwise unobtainable insights, whether you are a policy maker or using it for critical business decisions. It is highly granular and allows for analysis by postcode, town, local or combined authority, sector or business type.

Up to the minute data is run through a cutting edge algorithm and delivered in clear and easy to understand reports.

Not only does it enable smart decision making but shows that growth often exists where it is not expected to.

Growth Company / Red Flag Alert Growth Flag logo

Why create Growth Flag?

Red Flag Alert and The Growth Company both understand that whilst the economy is struggling there are still growing companies and those with the potential to. By locating these high potential companies public and private investment can be made to not only aid these individual companies but to benefit the wider economy as a whole.

What was needed was a tool that used firm-level data to investigate individual micro-economies to show where organic growth exists and predict which companies, sectors and geographical areas are likely to experience growth.

Red Flag Alert are industry leaders in predicting business distress and understanding what made a company financially viable or at risk of failure. Based on our experience, knowledge and vast amount of current and historical data we were in the perfect position to work with The Growth Company to identify what parameters are a predictor of growth, create a cutting edge growth propensity algorithm from the ground up and deliver it in an easy to use platform.

Who's Growth Flag for?

Growth Flag is an invaluable tool for both the public and private sector.

Public sector organisations, such as local and combined authorities, local enterprise partnerships, as well as colleges and universities can all use the platform to understand their local economy. You can support sectors and companies that have the highest growth potential, whilst not wasting money where conventional wisdom say growth exists but in fact does not. They can use Growth Flag to inform policy making, investment strategies and bids - and in the case of educational establishments - curriculum development and academic research.

Growth Flag allows private sector companies to use the growth of others to fuel their own. It can be used to find clients who not only at low risk of failure in the slow economy but likely to require larger orders within a relatively short period of time. Similarly, the global issues with supply can be avoided by locating suppliers who are not only strong but on an upwards trajectory, minimising the risk of a key supplier going insolvent and leaving them unable to do business. Companies looking to expand can locate geographical areas where companies are thriving not failing; whilst those looking to invest can which companies are fast growing, which industries are expanding and spot future unicorns.

Growth Flag provides a massive advantage regardless of which sector it is applied in and revolutionizes how we think about and identify growth.

Convention of the North 2023

Growth Flag is an official sponsor of the Convention of the North 2023 and is the official launch.

Hosted at Manchester Central on Wednesday 25th January, the Convention of the North is being delivered by NP11 – the business-led voice for the North that brings together the 11 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) from across the North of England.

Convention of the North is the major annual gathering which brings together business, political and civic leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing our region.

As well as key figures from the Government and Opposition, the Convention will hear from Northern Mayors, Council Leaders, leading businesspeople and representatives of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector as the North shapes its agenda for 2023.

Try Growth Flag for yourself

Red Flag Alert and The Growth Company have developed a one of a kind, growth propensity scoring platform that will help you understand where growth lies in troubling times across the UK. Why not Try Growth Flag today? Or watch our webinar on flagging growth 

Published by Red Flag Alert January 19, 2023

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