Flagging Growth During an Economic Turndown

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In this webinar, Red Flag Alert's Chief Economist, Dr Nicola Headlam, chats with Richard Jeffery, National Director of Growth Flag about how to measure growth during an economic downturn.

Join our experts for a fireside chat all about understanding the importance of growth, and why this matters.

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Why watch the webinar?

Join our two experts as they discuss why tracking and measuring high-growth firms within the UK is essential.

There's a lot of talk about recessions, inflation, and economic downturn in the media. But growth is also happening, and in this webinar, we'll explain exactly how and why we measure it.

They’ll discuss:

  • What do we count as business growth, and what impact does the Government's economic policy have on it?
  • How to measure growth accurately, and predictively
  • Why this matters to other businesses, and how they can use growth as a metric for their own success
  • What we expect to see in the future in terms of growth, in 2024 and beyond...

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