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How Red Flag Alert Helped Towergate Improve the Efficiency of its Sales Team by over 30%.

Towergate Insurance

We've worked closely with Towergate Insurance to help integrate up-to-date business intelligence into its operations. Our data has added value to Towergate's business; from helping drive sales and marketing to improving their data management processes. Our approach has always been hands-on, working with their team to continually develop their data management.


increase in sales team performance


outbound call connectivity


Offices with up-to-date business information

We have over a hundred offices nationwide and managing the data we hold on our customers and prospects is significant. One of our challenges is building a system where the information is up-to-date; the Red Flag Alert API works so well for us. Anay Patel, CRM Manager at Towergate Insurance


As the UK’s largest SME broker, Towergate Insurance came to Red Flag Alert with a detailed brief. It wanted to optimise its business in a number of ways:

  • Develop its management information so it was consistent across the organisation. This is made difficult because the company operates from over 100 offices nationwide.
  • Help with ensuring its data was as up-to-date as possible. The SME sector sees a very high turnover of businesses so making sure data is fresh presents a challenge.
  • Better data to help aid business development by exploring other areas where new clients could be found.
  • Improve the service offered to current clients by updating its insurance policies in real-time as their changing circumstances dictated.
  • Ensure reporting to the insurance companies was done in a way which was clear and could clearly demonstrate the quality of the work Towergate were doing as a broker.
  • Improve the efficiency of data management within the business on a number of levels, specifically speeding up processes for employees whilst still obtaining the information needed to deliver the best value.


Our approach to the project was multi-faceted. As always we began by consulting with the management team to determine what outcomes they wanted from using our software and expertise. We quickly established that there were a number of efficiencies Towergate were looking to bring in to their business. We assessed that some activities would help drive value across all of these areas:

  • We reviewed their current data and gave Towergate an insight into the amount of out-dated and redundant information which was present in its system. We then suggested some strategies on how to make improvements to how its CRM system presents this data.
  • Once we knew what the data needed to achieve and had audited what Towergate currently had, we could set about helping to make the data work harder.
  • Plugging our API into Towergate’s CRM system enabled us to provide access to the Red Flag Alert database. This gave Towergate access to up-to-date information on over five million businesses in the UK.
  • Once set up, Towergate’s CRM was updated in real-time allowing them to work with the freshest data available on UK business in its database.
  • As well as being consistently up-to-date, data provided by Red Flag Alert is further enriched by information from 40 key fields and 142 financial indicators.
  • By now Towergate had cleaned out its old data and updated its CRM with the latest available information. This made their MDM processes excellent; the company knows what data it holds, can be confident that it is being updated every day, and is consistent across the organisation regardless of which office it is being accessed from.
  • Once its database and processes were set up, the next step was to build an alert system that meant the right people had the right information at the right time. For example, we set up a process where the sales team was alerted when a business had a substantive change in circumstances. Enabling Towergate to sell insurance premium upgrades when this was relevant meant it could be incisive in contacting current clients and approaching them when a specific need arose.


Integrating Red Flag Alert into its business processes gave Towergate a number of benefits:

  • Having up-to-date information and detailed business information means it can build up-to-date marketing lists. This has seen 40% improvement in the efficiency of the sales team.
  • It was able to explore and target key markets, by geography, sector, and other key variables.
  • The detailed alert system has enabled Towergate to improve efficiency of its renewal rates by making contact with clients at critical points.
  • Its MDM process was streamlined. This level of clarity on its data and updated processes is especially important with the upcoming GDPR legislation due to come into effect.
  • The Red Flag Alert system provided detailed reports for insurance companies, saving considerable time building manual reports, and also adding great value to the insurers themselves.
  • Time was saved across the organisation as information did not need to be manually uploaded and the database was now cleansed automatically. Towergate freed up its employees to focus on more leveraged business activities.

Working with Red Flag Alert

“Red Flag Alert helped us considerably in terms of developing a strategy and then critically supporting us to execute it. The integrating of the systems was made challenging by our sheer volume of data and different fields; the Red Flag Alert engineers made sure the information was integrated exactly as we needed it.

The software is very easy to use and we never have technical issues. Support is always available in case we need to do something different with the data or have any questions.

One of our challenges is building a system where the information is up-to-date and gives our sales and account management teams the right information to deliver the best results. Red Flag Alert helps us organise our data brilliantly, and the ROI for our sales teams is outstanding

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending both the software and the brilliant team at Red Flag Alert.”

-          Anay Patel, CRM manager at Towergate Insurance

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