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Red Flag Alert’s Telemarketing Stack: How I Built a Sales System That 3x Our Results

Oct 29, 2020 Red Flag Alert Updated On: February 20, 2023
Red Flag Alert’s Telemarketing Stack: How I Built a Sales System That 3x Our Results

I recently rewatched cult ’90s film Glengarry Glen Ross. In one famous scene, Alec Baldwin’s character tries to motivate his sales team by telling them to focus on closing deals. When the employees complain that this is difficult because the leads are weak, he responds with: “The leads are weak? YOU are weak!”

Although this makes a good line in a film, the reality is that good-quality leads are crucial in sales and directly correlate to a high close rate.

By contrast, poor-quality leads waste valuable time and resources. It’s highly inefficient for salespeople to spend their time answering incoming calls from companies who are not a good fit for their services, and even worse if they are prospecting these clients themselves.

At Red Flag Alert, we wanted to build a telemarketing system to help our sales team focus on the perfect clients. We combined our extensive telesales data with Zoho’s highly efficient CRM to provide accurate, relevant data tailored to the needs of the sales team.

Our telemarketing system has helped us streamline our sales process in several different ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1) Real-time data ensures high-quality leads

Our telesales data updates the CRM in real time to make sure the sales team has access to the right information. The data is always fresh, which means we can directly contact the people at a target company who will be most receptive to a sales call.

2) Accurate data helps you build strong sales and marketing lists

Our data helps create laser-focused lists that target only the most relevant companies. We provide highly accurate and detailed SIC codes to help find the perfect client. Our system can help to target companies that fit specific criteria, from the number of employees and annual turnover to location and financial health. The benefits here are twofold: as well as finding the right companies to contact, we can also create detailed pitches tailored to their needs.

3) Auto calling saves valuable time

Our system is designed for efficiency and has an integrated auto-calling feature that enables the sales team to make calls at the click of a button, rather than manually dialling each number. The call is automatically connected to the headset, creating a streamlined and straightforward process that saves time.

4) Activity is logged to help with reporting, analysis and performance

Our telemarketing system logs and records calls, enabling us to create reports and evaluate the sales process efficiently.

The activity log is also useful for monitoring the performance of individuals in the team. There are myriad reasons why a salesperson may not have closed any deals in a set period of time and it doesn’t necessarily mean the individual is underperforming. By looking at how many calls they have been making per day or listening to a couple of recorded calls, we can get a clearer picture and often be quickly reassured that they are on track.

5) Recorded calls aid training, improvement and smooth handovers

Recorded calls are also an excellent resource for training new employees, staff development and smooth handovers. Listening to examples of successful calls provides relevant, real-world context for new staff members and helps them to gain a better understanding of our needs.

They’re also helpful when deals need to be handed over to another member of staff, for example, so that a more senior salesperson can close the deal. The ability to listen to previous calls with the client provides valuable context that a senior salesperson can use to understand them and get the deal over the line.

The key takeaway here is that high-quality data is critical to the success of your telemarketing team. By using accurate, up-to-the-minute data and pushing it through an efficient telemarketing system, we’ve seen a significant uptick in results.

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Published by Red Flag Alert October 29, 2020

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