Optimise your AML compliance with checks in less than a minute

Anti-money laundering compliance and enhanced due diligence checks are an important and unavoidable part of modern business dealings. The UK government is committed to tackling the £88 billion laundered in our economy each year, with the FCA prioritising finding those companies that are non-compliant and issuing them hefty fines. Use Red Flag Alert's AML KYC platform to ensure you remain compliant.

Red Flag Alert IDV Tool

The trouble facing businesses with AML compliance requirements is that traditional AML compliance software and processes are slow, staff time intensive and do not designed to fit in with modern business processes.

Added to this is the inconvenience caused to customers and the risk that in the delay to a deal going through the customer may receive a counter offer from a competitor, change their mind or simply back out due to frustration at the AML check process.

At Red Flag Alert we knew there was a better way and that staying compliant shouldn’t cost you hours of staff time and risk revenue. So our KYC Checks take under a minute on either side of the journey.

We have designed our fully compliant suite of AML and enhanced due diligence checks to fit seamlessly into your business process and be convenient for both you and your client. With checks that take less than a minute of staff time and are completed directly from your clients device, finally your AML solution can start working for your business.

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We have designed our fully digital AML checking and enhanced due diligence platform specifically to be business friendly, fully compliant and save you countless staff hours.

Take your AML process from days to a matter of minutes with checks that require as little as 30 seconds of staff time to send out and are completed directly from your clients device in under two minutes.

You don’t have to sacrifice on accuracy either; we leverage advance digital technology to eliminate human error, check worldwide databases and provide you with the most accurate checks available.

Our platform features:

  • Time saving digital platform that takes as little as 30 seconds to send a check
  • A complete suite of AML and enhanced due diligence checks; including PEPs, sanctions and adverse media monitoring
  • Track the status of sent checks
  • Manage, review and record completed checks within the platform
  • Multibureau analysis for increased accuracy and less failed checks
  • Advanced  EIDV  technology
  • Convenient checks your client completes directly from their device in under two minutes
  • Bulk check feature - send up to 100 checks with a click of a button
  • Rapid KYC verification process

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’d love to discuss it with you.