AML Checks

For businesses that operate within regulated industries, AML checks (Anti-Money Laundering) are critical. They offer a safeguard from the risks of financial crime, reputational damage, large fines or even severe legal consequences.  

However, implementing robust AML measures is increasingly complex and costly. To ensure businesses operate within the legal boundaries and meet ethical standards, and ever-evolving regulations, can be a struggle. Organisations face the challenge of delicately balancing rigorous AML procedures and the need to conduct seamless and efficient business operations.  

With Red Flag Alert, AML empowers businesses to monitor any ongoing suspicious activity or behaviour, without disrupting their day-to-day commercial activities.  

Digital identity checks Send your clients self-service digital AML checks in just a few clicks

Perform Enhanced Anti-Money Laundering Searches to Remain Compliant

Red Flag Alert also allows you to quickly conduct enhanced due diligence checks. We allow you to instantly check if your clients are on international databases of politically exposed persons or sanctions lists.

This protects your business from getting involved in terrorist financing or other international financial crime.

We also provide the data you need to perform risk assessments to decide whether to approve high-risk customers.


Fast and easy digital verification

Quickly onboard each new customer by allowing them to perform self-service digital identity checks using their device.


Detect any risk

Our data is from UK and international sources and includes information on ultimate beneficial owners, corporate family trees and PEPs and sanctions lists. 


Real-time updates

Our data is updated in real-time, so you can monitor changes to customer risk profiles. Set up monitoring alerts so you know as soon as something changes.


Demonstrate AML compliance

Your entire workflow is stored in the cloud, so it’s easy to prove AML compliance and quickly provide records to regulators during audits.

How It Works

Using our platform, your business can perform UK and international AML checks easily and quickly.

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Email your customer

You email the customer a link to our self-service digital identity verification system. The customer opens it using their own device and follows the simple instructions. They need to have an official document like a passport to hand to do this.

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Verify details

Next, we compare the customer information against the electoral register and credit databases to verify their address and other details. We provide an immediate warning if there are any mismatches.

Ongoing monitoring

If the customer is approved you can set up monitoring alerts so you know whenever their risk profile changes. You should also re-check each customer at least once every six months.

If you get audited by the regulator you can instantly produce anti-money laundering records for every customer. You can also show them the data sources you used to prove customer identities.

Extensive Business Database

  • 60,000 daily updates
  • 9,000 users
  • Over 1,000 companies already using Red Flag Alert 
  • Over 140+ search filters
  • Search for UK & international companies & directors
  • Unique insolvency scoring 
  • Over 100+ data points 
  • Connect our data to your CRM
  • Comprehensive business intelligence 

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Frequently Asked Questions About AML Checks

What is an AML Check?

AML checks help prevent legitimate businesses from supporting criminal activity to launder money. They are a legal requirement for any industry that is regulated by anti-money laundering laws. 

How long does an AML Check take?

Standard AML checks take around 10 minutes to complete and, if there are no complications, a customer can be approved immediately. 

Enhanced due diligence can take longer (at least a day) as you have to assess the level of AML risk the client poses to your business.

What are the AML Check requirements?

A basic AML check involves you identifying your client using photographic ID such as a passport or driver’s licence. You then use electronic verification to confirm their identity and their address. You should also re-check existing customers regularly. 

Enhanced due diligence involves checking whether the customer is on international PEPs and sanctions lists and taking a risk-based approach to deciding whether to work with them.

What does AML stand for?

AML stands for anti-money laundering. It refers to legislation that requires businesses in certain industries to have systems and procedures in place to check their clients’ identities. If a business detects what it believes is suspicious activity they are required to reject the customer and send a suspicious activity report to the National Crime Agency (NCA). 

What does AML legislation in the UK cover?

A person commits a money laundering offence when they conceal, disguise or transfer criminal property, or remove criminal property. It also applies to persons who are involved in something that they know or suspect facilitates the acquisition, retention, use or control of criminal property on behalf of another person. It also applies when someone acquires, uses or has possession of criminal property.

AML checks in less than a minute with Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert has designed our fully digital AML platform to not only provide unbeatable match rates and accuracy but also to eliminate the pain point of compliance processes interrupting the flow of business.

With a suite of fully compliant AML and EDD checks that take less than a minute of staff time to send out and your customers complete quickly and conveniently from there device, Red Flag Alert makes your compliance checks work for you.

  • Fully digital platform
  • Send checks in less than a minute
  • Fully compliant AML and EDD checks (PEPs, sanctions and adverse media)
  • PEPs, sanctions and adverse media live monitoring
  • Send up to 100 checks with the click of a button with batch checking
  • You clients complete the checks on their device with no app download needed
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