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Built to Grow Businesses

Red Flag Alert was developed by Begbies Traynor in 2003 to help grow its business and become the UK’s leader in corporate rescue and recovery. The Red Flag Alert system allowed for large datasets to be aggregated and, provided insights into over 5 million businesses in the UK allowing its business operations to grow rapidly. It was able to:

  • Find businesses that needed its service by searching across over 100 metrics of financial health.
  • Prepare specific and detailed sales presentations when making proposals.
  • Provide exceptional advice to those businesses aided by the unrivalled business information provided by Red Flag Alert.
  • Improve account based marketing through an understanding of when their clients’ needs changed thanks to the daily updates on key business and financial information. 

What We Do  

After the success of Red Flag Alert at Begbies Traynor the product was commercialised for use in other businesses. Close Brothers and Bibby Financial Services were two of the first users and now it is helping over 9,000 businesses grow.

Our data is updated daily meaning you are working with the most accurate information out there. We cover many different areas: contact information, director information, industry and sector updates, geographical operations, size and 142 different indicators of financial health, such as: 

  • Turnover
  • Liabilities
  • Distress Events
  • Creditor information
  • New and satisfied loans 

This means you have the best information available to build sales lists and start making contact with prospects. It’s also a big time saver: the ability to drill down into the very best leads means you can find the best prospects and also avoid the bad ones!

The Data You Need 

  • 5.2 million businesses in the UK
  • 20 million director and sole trader records
  • 2.6 million+ telemarketing records, the UK’s largest with TPS/CTPS weekly screening.
  • 900,000 GDPR compliant B2B business emails available.
  • 2.2 million records through our bolt-on Senior Decision Maker email marketing file.
  • 142 indicators of financial health
  • 40 other fields of up-to-date business intelligence 

Improve Your Sales Team 

Red Flag Alert will help give your team the information they need to drive sales.

  • Find the best prospects by searching our extensive database of UK businesses.
  • Be specific with which businesses you target: over 40 searchable fields, 5.2 million businesses and 142 indicators of financial health will help you uncover the best prospects.
  • Have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips; every month over one million changes are recorded in our database. From new businesses to changes in financial circumstances and growth this is a world of new opportunity.
  • Search by location, sector, turnover, size, financial health and many other fields.
  • Prepare for sales meetings more efficiently by drilling down into information on your prospect and tailor your project accordingly.
  • Make sure your prospects have the right credit profile to use your product or service, so they don’t fall foul of your credit control team.
  • Develop a detailed client profile based on our Red Flag Alert business intelligence and then search for businesses which meet that profile.
  • Make your account-based sales more efficient; get alerts to your inbox of any changes with your clients so you can sell them new products and services effectively.
  • Don’t waste time updating records; instead our API will automatically update every record on your CRM with detailed information. This automation also reduces the risk of duplication or human error when entering data, meaning you can be confident that you are working with the most accurate information possible.
  • 2.6 million+ telemarketing records, the UK’s largest with TPS/CTPS weekly screening.  


Red Flag Alert has been a wonderful asset to our business. We have a large sales team and a huge database of customers and prospects. Red Flag Alert helps us manage this huge amount of data which is invaluable for making sure our efforts are focused in the right direction. Simon Carter, Sales Director at Investec


data changes every month – the UK’s freshest B2B database


New businesses added to our database every month


Different advanced search metrics to help you find and target the perfect customer record

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