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Poor data can have a hugely detrimental impact on utility brokerages, as the reliability, age and structure of their data can all hinder operations. We understand the issues utility brokerages face and our focus at Red Flag Alert is to provide market-leading business intelligence to allow your business to thrive. Our database covers key information to help power your business:

  • 5 million UK businesses
  • 20 million decision maker details
  • 2.6 million+ telemarketing records, the UK’s largest with TPS/CTPS weekly screening
  • 900,000 GDPR compliant B2B business email addresses available
  • 2.2 million records through our bolt-on Senior Decision Maker email marketing file
  • 2000 new telephone numbers per month 

This data is enriched by our insolvency algorithm which gives you a health rating for any business in the UK. This rating is derived from 142 indicators of financial health and gives you insight into potential financial distress. 

Business Development

  • Our data is updated in real-time so you can access the contact details of key decision makers improving your marketing lists and prospecting. Our data on SMEs is extensive, so for utilities brokers looking to grow their client base Red Flag Alert data is the perfect tool to reach the right people.
  • Using our API means that your forms can be auto-filled; this saves considerable time and energy when updating your CRM so your sales team can focus on closing deals. This also reduces the chance of human error and ensures data is consistently uploaded.
  • Rich data on businesses allows utilities brokers to target specific market segments, whether this is a new vertical, a growing company, or a company in a new geographical region it is easy to build prospect lists. Up-to-date contact details then allow you to reach out to these new prospects armed with the vital information you need to close the deal.
  • Gaining a deeper insight into your clients through our database will allow you to maximise your account-based marketing efforts. You can see if a client is experiencing new growth through the addition of new phone numbers. This can lead to new opportunities, for example, ensuring energy for a new building is contracted through your brokerage.
  • Understand more about prospective clients by using our detailed database; this will give you an edge in sales meetings.
  • Understand the range of business interests a director has, allowing you to approach them about working across their portfolio of businesses.


  • Integrating your existing CRM system into the Red Flag Alert API will ensure your data is updated in real-time and can be viewed in the same way by everyone in the organisation. Once the data is integrated and subsequently enhanced by our proprietary digital insolvency algorithm, you will be able to make quicker and better informed decisions.
  • Provide detailed reports on clients for internal management and key external stakeholders, including the utility providers.
  • Build robust MDM processes. Our database ensures that your data is centralised, up-to-date, de-duped and clean.


  • Our insolvency algorithm will give you a detailed insight on the level of financial distress a business is experiencing. For example, three red flags can indicate imminent insolvency whereas one red flag means the business may have experienced slight financial difficulties but not enough to suggest insolvency is likely in the near future. This valuable information will enable you to make knowledgeable decisions on working with businesses.
  • Pre-screen prospects so you do not waste time approaching customers who won’t pass your credit checking.
  • Search for business sectors who have traditionally large premises and who are therefore likely to have high utility spending.


  • Our data is GDPR compliant meaning it helps you avoid GDPR sanctions.
  • Ensure your outbound email marketing campaigns are compliant.
  • Adhere to AML regulations.

UD Group and Red Flag Alert

We work with UD Group, a market-leader in the provision of utility platforms and energy price comparison, to provide exceptional business intelligence to the energy marketplace. By working together, we can provide energy brokers and suppliers with unparalleled tools and real-time market data to grow and improve their businesses. 

Our Partnership

  • Red Flag Alert provides real-time data on the financial status of a business, which is pivotal to UD Group’s energy contracting process in terms of credit checking businesses before signing contracts.
  • Together, UD Group and Red Flag Alert can provide the broadest possible market insights. UD Group brings detailed information on the energy market, and Red Flag Alert provides the business intelligence. This enables users to build out detailed marketing and growth plans.
  • UD Group’s platform integrates into legacy systems, and the Red Flag Alert API is the perfect tool to support this. Through this integration, users can access business intelligence directly within their CRM, facilitating sales, marketing, credit control and MDM processes.
  • By combining the capabilities of both UD Group and Red Flag Alert, users can centralise and manage the information and data necessary to grow and manage their business.
  • Red Flag Alert can notify brokers working within UD Group’s platform whenever a business’ metrics change (e.g. revenue growth or an increase in employee numbers). This enables UD’s users to provide more relevant quotations to their customers.

About UD Group

UD Group provides energy suppliers and brokers with the tools they need to gain live and cost-effective access to the B2B utilities market where they can transact energy more efficiently and increase sales.

Their innovative, cloud-based software products help customers to compare prices across the industry, generate quotes, produce verified contracts with an increased acceptance rate, manage the sales journey and keep on top of market developments. Unlike their competitors, UD Group provides solutions for both suppliers and brokers, which means they can provide an end-to-end, connected solution when it comes to transacting energy.

With over 10-years’ experience in the energy industry, UD Group has quickly established themselves as market leaders, and are already working with the big 6 suppliers, and over 1000 brokerages. Because of this, they have access to valuable market insight, which can be shared with their customers to allow them to develop their businesses further.

UD Group’s platform has an advanced feature-set which provides users with a range of capabilities:

  • End-to-end contract generation
  • Efficient customer management
  • Integration into clients’ legacy systems
  • Monitoring of energy production, performance and consumption
  • Provision of market insights
  • The capability for suppliers to support both brokers and end-users
  • The facilitation of energy switching and price comparison

1,000,000 +

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Here at Redflag Alert we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to contact you with regards to your enquiry. By submitting this request, you agree to receiving information from Red Flag Alert. See Privacy Policy.


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