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Red Flag Alert And Paragon Announce Exciting New Partnership

May 13, 2024 Rory Traynor Updated On: May 13, 2024
Red Flag Alert And Paragon Announce Exciting New Partnership

Red Flag Alert is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Paragon to be their official KYC & AML check provider. This partnership joins Red Flag Alert’s cutting edge technology and knowledge of the AML and identify verification space with Paragon’s wealth of experience and expertise in cryptocurrency.

Paragon is set to disrupt the world of cryptocurrency with their eponymous new coin, that will provide owners with both increased privacy and an added layer of security against theft and fraud. With digital wallet theft representing one of the biggest issues in digital currency, the Paragon coin allows owners to store and spend the currency with the same level of privacy and safety as with an everyday cash or card transaction.

To ensure that this technology is providing security but not obscurity, Paragon are also pioneering their industry with their adoption of anti-money laundering technology. Red Flag Alert’s advanced AML check technology allows Paragon the ability to run detailed and highly accurate anti-money laundering  and IDV checks to ensure that bad actors are unable to use the currency for illegal purposes.

With Red Flag Alert as their partner, Paragon will enjoy:

  • A fully digital, time saving platform
  • Highly accurate checks powered by AI technology
  • Full branding on all checks
  • Fully digital audit trail that is accessible anywhere via the cloud
  • Multibureau checking system that minimizes referrals

Rob Foster, founder of Paragon, said ‘Our partnership with Red Flag Alert demonstrates our commitment to operate within regulatory parameters but at the same time enable the masses to transact with cryptocurrency in an increasingly secure environment.

‘Our intention is to surpass the security levels provided by the current online banking security systems, utilizing technology beyond mere encryption such as zero proof technology.’

Richard West, Red Flag Alert Managing Director, said ‘This exciting new partnership between Red Flag Alert and Paragon underlines both of our companies’ commitment to practicing safe and responsible business, and providing our clients with world class technology whilst doing so.

‘Our white label technology will allow Paragon’s customers to receive AML & IDV checks in their full branding. Increasing customer trust, reducing drop off and providing a seamless onboarding journey.

‘Red Flag Alert looks forward to a long partnership with Paragon and helping them become a leading name in the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrency.’

Published by Rory Traynor May 13, 2024

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