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Business help at the drop of a Red Flag. New service for SMEs

Business help at the drop of a Red Flag. New service for SMEs
Feb 20, 2015 Red Flag Alert Updated On: October 14, 2022

A new service to help small businesses cope in today's changing economic climate has been launched in Worcester.

Red Flag Alert, an online business information bureau, is the brainchild of businessman Phil Denman. The system contains more than six million records of live trading companies which is updated daily. Users are able to manipulate the data via a simple platform to produce powerful reports relevant to individual industries and sectors. This enables highly targeted marketing, planning and risk assessment, all at the touch of a button.

A fully qualified accountant and risk management specialist, Mr Denman said: "The ability to combine my financial skills and my marketing ability to support SME’s is what I bring to the table. Companies need data to grow but it has to be secure and relevant. Throughout my career I have had to build bridges to manage the finance and marketing teams and I think that’s a rare and valuable skill. Data is the life blood of every business, I understand that because it’s been a feature of my career."

Local businesses will now have the ability to access data previously reserved for large corporations with big budgets and endless resource. Red Flag Alert aims to significantly improve its user’s ability to intelligently target their ideal prospects and monitor both supplier and client relationships in real time.

Mr Denman added: "I’m building a new business in my home town and I couldn’t be happier. By its very nature, the growth of my business relies on the value it adds to SMEs in the community. By being active and helping my fellow business owners, we will share in our combined success."


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