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5 ways to reduce business debt

Jul 22, 2016 Red Flag Alert Updated On: October 14, 2022
5 ways to reduce business debt

When it comes to the proper functioning of a business, debt is something that should be kept in check at all times.

Yes, we have all those months when we just can't seem to spend less money than we make. It’s true that quite a few businesses can’t avoid accumulating some debt. However, carrying an increasing debt load is far from beneficial to business health - effective debt management can truly help you reduce your debt.

Listed below are five tips that should help you reduce your business debt effectively.

1.       Start with your budget

To cut your debt, start with analysing your budget. You may find all those "little" costs are adding a lot to your monthly budget. If your budget or spending is unorganised, it will be easy to accumulate debt quickly and get in over your head. Make an outline of all of your expenses, allocate whatever amount of money is necessary in order for you to operate, and adhere to the limits that you set yourself.

2.       Have a chat with your creditors

It's essential to talk to your creditors about why your business has fallen behind on debt payments. You can ask them whether or not a payment plan can be worked out for the business. There’s the option of chalking out a payback plan as per your condition and individual circumstances.

3.       Increase cash flow 

This is one of the very basic facts that most tend to ignore when undertaking debt management. Effective reduction of debt also means that you put greater emphasis on sales. You must make sure sales personnel find and close more customers, and increase orders from existing customers wherever possible, so that the amount coming in can be increased. Obviously, the additional income can be used to pay off debt. When looking at potential customers, you need to ensure they are credit worth, using Red Flag Alert will allow you to monitor and investigate their financial health.

4.       Cut down on unnecessary expenses

Cutting unnecessary expenses is an immediate necessity. Trim spending back as far as possible. You can sometimes also slash expenses by reducing personnel. This can free up more money with which to pay down your debts.

5.       Make The Most Important Payments First

If you want to get yourself out of debt, it's important to minimise the amount you spend on interest. Therefore you should prioritise your payments and put your highest interest accounts at the top of your repayment list. By eliminating high interest loans, you will be able to quickly scale down your debt amount and get closer to getting in the green

If you've accumulated debt you can't seem to fight off, try these tips and get your finances in order. Your pocket -and your business- will be better for it.

Published by Red Flag Alert July 22, 2016

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