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Red Flag Alert launches cutting edge new UBO feature

Nov 30, 2023 Red Flag Alert Updated On: March 5, 2024
Red Flag Alert launches cutting edge new UBO feature

Red Flag Alert are pleased to announce to launch of our latest Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) feature to support the anti-money laundering (AML) compliance efforts of our customers. We have expanded our current UBO offering with a real-time updated global database, offering our users an in-depth and streamlined process that promises to provide businesses with the tools they need to avoid fraud, comply with regulations and tackle enhanced due diligence. 

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, maintaining compliance and meeting legal obligations is complex and constantly evolving. With Red Flag Alert’s new streamlined UBO solution, risk mitigation has never been simpler. 

Allowing our customers to stay one step ahead

Red Flag Alert now offers full global coverage, so users to undertake safer and more compliant operations by exposing AML risk and establishing the UBOs of relevant organisations. Our solution can identify intricate ownership structures across groups, using advanced analytics to detect the true ownership of specific entities in order to accurately identify potential risks.

The accuracy of Red Flag Alert’s data allows complex international business structures to be dissected to significantly improve due diligence and compliance. Identify ownership or key figures by untangling the corporate web in seconds and make informed, accurate data-driven decisions by proactively addressing conflicts of interest or criminal activity.

“Our new UBO solution offers instant clarity for our users, representing a huge step forward for those facing additional AML challenges in a complex landscape,” says Richard West, Managing Director at Red Flag Alert.

“In a world of rising fraud, with criminals becoming more sophisticated than ever before, businesses must implement robust and efficient tools in order to stay ahead and demonstrate their commitment to compliance. We’re excited to bring this new feature to our users in a clear demonstration of our commitment to supporting and strengthening their risk management strategies and due diligence activities.”

About Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert, the credit data experts based in Manchester, monitor financial information on every business in the UK. To ensure customers have access to the most current real-time financial data in the UK, their database is updated with 100,000 daily changes. Through Red Flag Alert, every business is given a health score based on this data and evaluated by RFA’s proprietary algorithm. All customers are instantly notified of any updates and changes, with the software plugging directly into their CRM.  

Published by Red Flag Alert November 30, 2023

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