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Red Flag Alert Joins Made in Britain

Jul 19, 2021 Red Flag Alert Updated On: August 15, 2023
Red Flag Alert joins made in Britain

Leading insolvency data analysts Red Flag Alert have been accepted as a member of Made in Britain, in a move that will help the best of British businesses as they continue to bounce back from the pandemic.

Date: 25/09/2020

Red Flag Alert joins an established network of physical and digital manufacturing companies that carry the ‘Made in Britain’ mark and champion the production of British-made goods and services. The insolvency data experts applied for membership to help companies protect and grow their businesses amidst ongoing economic uncertainty.

Director of Red Flag Alert, Mark Halstead, explains: “Made in Britain exists to support the growth of British-based businesses, which embrace the highest standards of quality. By joining this community, we can help companies to safeguard their hard-work and success against the risks of bad debtors.

“Being accepted as a member rubber stamps Red Flag Alert’s ability to provide accurate, real-time financial data, which other ambitious and diligent businesses can use to protect their bottom lines and optimise sales and marketing efforts.”

Red Flag Alert began measuring and reporting corporate financial distress data in 2004, covering all UK and Northern Ireland businesses. They join more than 1,350 other members of Made in Britain, working across 60 different sectors from building and construction, right through to software and transport.

John Pearce, CEO, Made in Britain, said: “The Made in Britain mark and directory of members helps suppliers and buyers procure with confidence. This is even more important in challenging and unpredictable markets. We are delighted to welcome Red Flag Alert to our fast growing community of like-minded manufacturers and we look forward to them connecting with and supporting our network of members.”

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Published by Red Flag Alert July 19, 2021

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