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How to Sell Red Flag Alert’s B2B Prospector to Senior Marketing & Sales Teams

Jul 23, 2021 Red Flag Alert Updated On: May 5, 2023
How to Sell Red Flag Alert’s B2B Prospector to Senior Marketing & Sales Teams

Red Flag Alert’s B2B Prospector tool allows sales and marketing teams to find companies that perfectly fit their ideal customer profile. 

This allows them to:

✔️ Spend more time selling, less time prospecting

✔️ Avoid wasting time on poor-fit leads

✔️ Focus on the best opportunities

✔️ Improve win rates 

✔️ Create a more sustainable client base

✔️ Grow revenues

It’s a great investment for any B2B business and quickly pays for itself several times over.

If you’ve experienced it then you know it can transform your sales team’s performance. But what if others at your business aren’t convinced? 

In these tough economic times, many companies have put a stay on buying new software.

How can you persuade decision-makers at your business that B2B Prospector is a good investment?

This article aims to help you sell B2B Prospector internally. We provide an overview of the system’s main selling points and explain how you can sell it to decision-makers.

B2B Prospector Features to Sell

B2B Prospector offers powerful features and benefits to boost your sales team’s performance. These include:

Create and refine your ideal customer profile

Red Flag Alert’s database holds over 100 data points on every UK company. It enables you to compare companies and spot common traits amongst your best customers. 

This information allows you to create detailed ideal customer profiles (ICP).

Now you can be more granular in the way you target your customers with your sales and marketing. 


✔️Improve your sales and marketing success rate by being more targeted

✔️Avoid wasting time by quickly qualifying out poor-fit leads

✔️Improve product development by better understanding customer habits and needs

Create sales lists

Once you know your different ICPs, you can enter the parameters for each one into our database and create lists of companies that are exact matches.

These sales lists can be sent straight to your CRM, which effectively automates your prospecting. Your sales team is constantly provided with a list of best-fit leads and never runs out of companies to contact.


✔️Spend more time selling and less time prospecting and qualifying

✔️Focus on the best leads

✔️Increase your sales team’s win rate

Find companies by location or sector

Red Flag Alert includes detailed geographical and sectoral data. 

The former allows you to see where businesses are located on a map and focus on businesses within a certain area. You can also see data points on the map, enabling you to spot geographic trends.

Sectoral data is provided by our granular SIC codes. SIC codes on databases like Companies House only provide very vague descriptions of what a company does. We use cutting-edge technology to make SIC codes more precise. This allows you to understand exactly what a company does. 


✔️Make better decisions over where to do business

✔️Spot business trends in your local area

✔️Target the right businesses

✔️Save time qualifying out poor-fit businesses

Target high-growth companies

Red Flag Alert has developed a new growth propensity score that identifies which companies are most likely to experience high levels of growth. 

Growing businesses are likely to spend more in the future and expand the support they require. This is useful for companies in sectors that target businesses that have excess cash to reinvest—for example, the marketing sector. 

It’s also useful for private equity and venture capital firms, who can check the growth potential of companies before approaching them for investment. 


✔️Gain a more sustainable client base

✔️Grow your accounts

✔️Make your revenue growth more predictable

Instant access to director contact details

Many sales teams spend huge amounts of time trying to identify key decision-makers at the companies they target. Even when they get a name, gatekeepers often make it difficult to speak to them.

Red Flag Alert features contact details for 20 million key decision-makers, saving you tonnes of time. 

✔️Shorter sales cycles

✔️Spend more time selling, less time chasing

Get sales opportunity alerts

B2B Prospector allows you to set up monitoring alerts. These can either be applied to specific businesses or set to tell you when a company meets pre-defined criteria.

Setting alerts allows you to spot sales opportunities within your existing customer base. For example, imagine you sell insurance and a company’s asset value increases dramatically. They may need to insure their new property.

Or you can use it to find new customers. Imagine you provide administration and insolvency services. You could set up alerts to warn you when companies are in deep financial difficulties. You could then approach them to offer restructuring services.


✔️ Find businesses that need your services most

✔️ Increase your win rate by striking when the customer need is fresh

✔️ Act upon sales opportunities before your competitors 

✔️ Get a constant stream of quality leads

Build customer credit checks into your prospecting

It’s a disaster when your sales team wins a new client, only for them to fail a credit check at onboarding. 

The time and effort that has gone into pursuing that prospect has been wasted. Your sales team could have spent that time winning a financially secure lead.  

The customer has wasted their time too, damaging your customer experience.

B2B Prospector can be used to build customer credit checks into your prospecting. This means that you only pursue financially stable customers. Credit checks are still performed during onboarding, but they are now a formality that the client will breeze through.

✔️ Increase sales team efficiency

✔️ Reduce onboarding resource requirements

✔️ Improve your customer experience

✔️ Create a more financially robust client base

How to Sell B2B Prospector Internally 

Seeing an idea brought to fruition is a long road. It needs to be accepted by key decision-makers, planned and then executed with the right marketing message

Simply emailing your idea to your boss isn’t enough. You need to build enthusiasm for your idea with the right people.

Here’s the process you should go through to achieve this:

1. Get other stakeholders onside

Speak to others in your team about Prospector and show them what it can do. Build enthusiasm so that the whole team wants to use it—not just you.

Key decision-makers at your business will be more convinced if the idea comes from a team rather than one person. It also means that you can draw on the help of others when it comes to selling the idea.

2. Identify key decision-makers

The most important people to convince are those who have decision-making powers. In the case of B2B Prospector these people could be:

  • Sales and marketing manager/director
  • IT manager/director
  • CEO
  • Procurement manager/director
  • Operations director

3. Find out what matters to your buyer

Do a bit of research on each decision-maker. Find out what matters to them. This could include:

  • What challenges do they face? 
  • What are their targets? 
  • How will B2B Prospector help them in their role? 
  • Are there any risks that will make them averse to your idea? 
  • How could you mitigate their concerns?

4. Gather as much information as possible

The decision-makers you pitch your idea to are going to quiz you on every aspect of your proposal. You need to be ready to answer all of their questions clearly and convincingly. 

Make sure you find out as much as you can about B2B Prospector before approaching them. Our sales team will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

5. Focus on the problem

Make sure you focus on the problems your organisation faces when you pitch Prospector to decision makers. 

Highlight the damage that these problems are doing to the business. This will give them urgency and ensure that buying the system is prioritised. 

Don’t just talk about B2B Prospector’s benefits and features, as this will make it seem like a ‘nice-to-have’.

For example:

Don’t say: “if we get B2B Prospector, we’ll be able to pursue more best-fit leads”. 

Say: “Currently 35% of our sales leads fail to pass a credit check at onboarding—can we really afford to continue wasting so much time?”

 6. Make a business case

When pitching, don’t just explain how Prospector will help you or your team. Explain how it will help the entire business. 

Try to quantify the impact. Some of the metrics you could measure include:

  • ROI
  • Win rate
  • Revenue
  • Annual recurring revenue
  • Renewal rate

7. Help decision-makers reach your conclusion

If people feel your idea is also their own then they are more likely to support it. 

Find a way to help them “discover” the problem and solutions with you. Perhaps begin by discussing the issues that you have uncovered—ask them questions about their experience. Then ask them if they have found any solutions and tell them about the ones you have found (i.e., Prospector). 

8. Plan a follow-up and ask them to commit to something

The classic sales technique. Don’t leave the meeting without agreeing on the next step and asking them to commit to something. That commitment could be trying a demo of Prospector or having a meeting with a Red Flag Alert salesperson.

Help Your Business Understand the Benefits of B2B Prospector

In this article, we provided you with the key selling points of B2B Prospector and gave you a crash course on how to sell it internally.

Together, these should help you gain consensus with key decision-makers at your business. 

Still struggling to get buy-in from management? Need some more information or assistance from our b2b data providers in the UK? Book a demo with our sales team so key decision-makers can see the benefits for themselves.

Published by Red Flag Alert July 23, 2021