Red Flag Alert for Construction Companies

Businesses in the construction sector are vulnerable to becoming insolvent through bad debt.

Red Flag Alert allows construction companies to monitor their customers for signs of financial distress and take action to protect their business.


Avoid the Insolvency Domino Effect


The construction industry is built upon long, interconnected supply chains. Businesses often rely on being paid by their clients so that they can pay their suppliers and contractors. 

Often one business in the chain becomes insolvent and cannot repay its debts to suppliers. When this happens, it could mean some suppliers in the chain can also no longer pay their own suppliers. The result is a chain reaction of insolvency that ripples across the supply chain. 


Red Flag Alert helps construction companies to avoid this fate by providing an early warning if customers face financial difficulties.



Real-time alerts sent directly to your email address



Portfolio dashboard provides risk overview of all clients



Perform credit checks on new customers




Trusted real-time data


We are the UK’s only independent credit ratings agency.

Our clients trust our database and use it to make thousands of business decisions every day.

180, 000 updates per day

200 reliable local sources

25 years' experience in business intelligence

Powerful AI algorithm

We’re not just the world’s leading business database.

Our AI algorithm uses 25 years of UK company data to accurately predict which businesses are at risk of insolvency.

We often spot risks that our clients miss.


Highly reliable predictions


Clear insolvency risk ratings



Includes ratings for micro-entities

How to Set Up Real-Time Alerts

Step One

Type in the company's name


Step Two

Open the company's profile


Step Three

Choose "Monitor"

Step Four

The company now appears on your dashboard 

Step Five

Choose "Alerts"

Find Better Customers

Red Flag Alert can also be used to help construction companies make their sales prospecting more efficient. 

Use over 100 filters to find companies that match your ideal customer profile



Save time by producing prospect lists instantly



Access contact details for millions of key decision-makers




Boost Your Sales

Red Flag Alert offers several benefits to construction sales teams:

✔️Higher win rate

✔️Spend less time prospecting

✔️More profitable client base

✔️Work with financially healthy clients

✔️Reduce customer churn

Trusted by 1000s of SMEs to enterprises including…


Protect Your Construction Company with Red Flag Alert

Our data, algorithm and real-time alerts make a powerful combination.

They help protect your company from risky clients. Request a free trial and discover our platform for yourself.

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