RFA adds new data sets to make business prospecting more effective

7 minutes Mark Halstead

RFA has recognised the greater use of the intelligence system for business prospecting and so has addressed former weaknesses by adding job role and data compliant personal email contact data.

Red Flag Alert has improved the value of the business intelligence system by adding over 1m personal business contact email addresses and mobile phone numbers alongside job roles and responsibilities.  The data that has been added, in partnership with one of the leading prospect data bureaux, will enhance the output from the system in line with its greater use as a prospecting tool.  As data restrictions tighten and access to good quality B2B marketing data diminishes, RFA has seized the opportunity to enhance its service for its customers to deliver greater access to useful data not only via its 80,000-100,000 daily updates but also in providing more direct access to the people and businesses listed within the system.

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richard west Mark Halstead Partner

Mark's experience is big data analytics, financial services and building businesses provides Red Flag Alert with strategic direction.