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5 Ways Data Analytics Means Doing Better Business

Apr 13, 2015 Red Flag Alert Updated On: May 5, 2023
5 Ways Data Analytics Means Doing Better Business

Data and analysis of it has quickly risen up the operational agenda for a huge range of organisations and businesses in recent years. This is partly because there so much more information is being made available and partly because the techniques for using data to gain usable business insights are becoming so much more advanced.  

Increasingly, these insights are becoming vitally important for companies of all sizes in the UK and around the world. So here’s a look at five of the key reasons why data analytics now means doing better business in so many different industries.

Greater awareness

Perhaps the most obvious advantage that data analytics provides enterprises is greater awareness of potential issues, problems or opportunities. Regardless of the industry that a particular company is operating in, that added awareness and instant access to relevant details on a variety of pertinent subject can be of very considerable value in all manner of ways.

Valuable insight

Different organisations generally have operational priorities that are specific to their circumstances and data analytics allows for clear answers to be found to uncommon questions. So company executives can define for themselves what data they want to analyse in the context of their particular situation and gain valuable insights that would until recently have been completely inaccessible.

Efficiency gains

A key advantage of data analytics has always been its capacity to identify areas of a business in which efficiency gains might be made. This remains the case but the sophistication of current analytic techniques and technologies means they can also be used to build efficiency into a company’s operations at the planning and development stage. So analytics is now helping businesses to understand more clearly what might be possible in the future as well as helping them make savings in the shorter term.

Enhanced customer focus

Having a focus on delivering more of what customers want and less of what they don’t has always been an important operational priority for most businesses. But the rapid advancement of data analytics in recent years has really taken this notion to another level. Companies can now see more clearly than ever precisely how their customers interact with their business and what kind of behaviour patterns should be encouraged and nurtured, and which should be discouraged and deterred.

Competitive awareness

Keeping an eye on the competitive landscape and developments within it has been made a much more immediate and systematic with the help of advanced data analytics. The main benefit being that executives and company leaders can now plan for the future with greater confidence and with a clearer sense of how their market is changing and likely to develop.

Data analytics as a discipline is developing all the time and for organisations of any size and in any field it can be of very practical use for all the reasons outlined above. However, it’s important to remember that data analytics is still only a tool, so it must be shrewdly deployed at all times for its usefulness to be maximised.

Published by Red Flag Alert April 13, 2015

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