The Ultimate Guide to B2B Prospecting to Maximise Revenue

What’s Inside:

What’s the most important part of the B2B sales cycle? The introductory call? Closing? The answer is actually none of these, the most important part of the sales cycle is prospecting. If you don’t get this very first stage right and target the correct customers, then everything that follows will fail.

Marketing will waste their time focusing on the wrong client and sales will pursue poor-quality leads. You’ll get customers that are difficult to satisfy, who have low loyalty and are unlikely to renew or buy again.

Prospecting is the foundation of your sales cycle and it’s vital that you get it right. That’s why we’ve written this comprehensive guide to B2B prospecting, inside we’ll explain:

  • Why B2B Prospecting Matters
  • Types of Prospecting
  • How Prospecting Has Changed
  • How to Prospect Based on Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • How to Prospect More Effectively
  • Keeping Your Business Compliant Through Prospecting
  • Prospecting in a World of Remote Work
  • Engaging with Your Prospects
  • How Red Flag Alert Can Help You Maximise Your B2B Prospecting

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