Insolvency Forecast Q2 2023


We welcome our Director of Data, Mark Halstead, and our Chief Economist, Dr Nicola Headlam, as they review and discuss Red Flag Alert's financial data over the 2021 -2022 financial year, and look ahead to Q3 2023.

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As experts in data and the economy, both Mark and Nicola are expertly placed to offer their thoughts and 2023 forecast for the year ahead, with some advice to businesses on what they can be doing now to avoid bad debt and the dreaded insolvency process.

With a global recession, cost of living crisis, and insolvencies on the rise, it’s fair to say this is a difficult time to be in business. But it’s not all doom and gloom, and there are some positive signs on the horizon too.

They’ll discuss:

  • The state of play within specific key industries such as construction, accountancy and more
  • How using Red Flag Alert can help prevent your company from going into administration
  • Why a company battling insolvency can impact their customers, partners and clients
  • How to use Red Flag Alert to protect your organisation from bad debt

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