The COVID-19 Playbook for SMEs

Download our practical advice to emerge stronger and leaner from the crisis

Heading: What’s Inside

  • How to build your customer pipeline during the crisis
  • Develop a sales system that will serve you for years
  • How to identify and manage risks in this new business environment
  • Access capital during the crisis
  • Ideas to make significant cash savings
  • Overview of key government schemes
  • Tools to stay fresh and maintain mental wellbeing

Sales and Marketing

We look at ten proven strategies that will help your sales team emerge stronger and more efficient from the crisis.


COVID-19 has been an enormous shock and the repercussions will persist into 2021 and beyond. We discuss how to manage risk in this new business environment.

Financial Planning

We speak to experts on how to prepare your finances for a prolonged period of economic stagnation, with advice on securing funding and preserving vital cash.

R&D Schemes

1% of eligible businesses make R&D tax relief claims, so millions is left on the table. We take a look at which companies qualify—there are a few surprises.

Mental Wellbeing

It’s hard running a business during this unprecedented lockdown, but luckily help is at hand. We review five apps that can help you remain positive and focused.

Government Support

We cover the important elements of the government support package, including links to further reading.