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Red Flag Alert & Sage CRM

Every day Red Flag Alert collates the most up-to-date business information in the UK. This data is filtered through our digital insolvency algorithm and generates detailed financial health information on every business.

 Once our API is set up, our data will be integrated into your CRM in real-time; this will deliver many key benefits:

  •  Access to over 2.6 million telephone numbers and 900,000 GDPR compliant email addresses.
  • Detailed market segmentation of over 5 million businesses allows you to build marketing lists that are laser focused on the businesses you want to target.
  • Ensure your data is always clean and relevant thanks to our daily updates. With over 1.8 million updates every month you can be sure the data you are working from is the most up-to-date information there is.
  • Using our API will give you the information you need to make day-to-day operational decisions and long term strategic decisions.
  • Make your on-boarding of customers seamless by completing credit checks in real-time using our market leading business information.
  • Set up alerts for any changes in your current client base, enabling you to review their account and offer them new products or services based on their circumstances.
  • Ensure that your sales teams have the latest information on prospects before going into pitch meetings.
  • Our API allows you to auto-fill forms when updating your CRM; meaning that your sales and on-boarding teams can save time and considerably improve customer experience.
  • Our team of data experts work with you to make sure that our data is integrated into your CRM in the most effective way.

An API that delivers more


30 Years of financial data
35+ Fields of company credentials
15 Million director relationships
Company alerts from 1 month's time
17,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started

Market Comparison

15 Years of financial data
30+ Fields of company credentials
14 Million director relationships
Company Alerts from 1-2 year's time
10,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started
“I would recommend anyone dealing with companies on a day-to-day basis to use Red Flag Alert to protect their business. You cannot keep checking up on your clients every day, but if a CCJ, High Court Writ or Petition affects your customer, you want to be the first to know.” John Bush, Partner at Deloitte LLP

How we helped NSL telecoms

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increase in revenue per client

Read how we helped NSL Telcoms grow revenues and manage risk in its business

How we helped Wave Energy

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decrease in customer default

Read how we helped Wave Energy use data to explore growth opportunities and mitigate risk in its business

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