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Exciting New Features with the Launch of RFA 2

Introducing RFA 2 & Launching Some Exciting New Features
Apr 03, 2022 Red Flag Alert Updated On: October 10, 2023

Red Flag Alert is designed to provide data that provides powerful insights to sales, marketing & risk teams and we are continually evolving our product to make it even better for our customers.

That is why we are introducing our latest UI, RFA 2, which is designed to further help your business aid sales enablement and protect against financial risk.

Advanced Financial Search for Risk Management

One of the most significant features of our latest update is the advanced financial search capability. The latest update allows users to now search using 130 filters, with over 40 specific financial data-points now available.  These data-points include:

  • Total assets
  • Total liabilities
  • Shareholder funds
  • Working capital
  • Net worth
  • Pre-tax profit
  • Value added
  • Employees
  • Cost of Sales
  • Trade Debtors

The new advanced financial search feature will also give your business the capability to access any information on the profit and loss statement of your clients and prospects, providing your business with greater insight when setting credit terms. To discover the full list of filters now available, speak to your account manager or book a demo to get started.

Portfolio Management to Monitor Financial Risk

Once the search has been completed, the new portfolio management tool can be used to give your business increased capabilities when monitoring any ongoing changes that may happen with your clients and prospects. This will allow your team to customise your portfolio into appropriate ‘pots’, allowing them to manipulate and analyse data by grouping companies by certain attributes such as industry, opportunity and size. This is invaluable as your sales and risk teams may be interested in different attributes and data, which is where portfolio management can really help. It can allow your teams to only look at the data and ‘pots’ they need to monitor, saving your business time and improving operational efficiencies. The information gathered in the portfolio can also be exported, so that the information can be documented and analysed further.

The portfolio management tool provides further customisation options in addition to choosing which team members should be notified. Now, users can pick and choose what they want to be alerted on, whether that be 1 or 60 events. For example, your insolvency practitioner can receive immediate updates on CCJ notices. The alert system will allow team members to quickly react and be proactive when there may be important updates.   

Monitor companies by uploading a manual list

In addition to adding companies or prospects to monitor directly from the find function, you can upload manual lists. Use a CRM such as HubSpot, Zoho or SalesForce? Download a list of prospects and upload their data straight into portfolio management and choose what you want to be alerted on.

Discover RFA 2 and our exciting new features

You can find out more about RFA2 and the updates by requesting a trial or, contact your dedicated account manager.  


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