Protect Your Business from Financial Risk

Every client can present a potential financial risk to your business, and top-level information on the financial condition of prospects and customers is not enough to work with. However, using Red Flag Alert, your business can take proactive steps to manage risk and take action where necessary. Red Flag Alert is powered by an algorithm that evolved over decades to provide health ratings that are highly specific to each business. Billions of data points have been collated, and these vast datasets power the algorithm to make accurate predictions on business failures. Get a demo to discover all the business intelligence we can provide, today. 

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Monitor any UK Company

Financial data changes every day. Place your customers or prospects on monitor to be alerted as soon as soon as something changes so you can stay ahead of the game. Use portfolio management to choose what you want to be alerted on, and which companies you want to be monitor.


Company Credit Profiling

See a full credit profile of your customers or prospects to assess the risk they may pose to your business.


Easy to Use

Understanding business financials doesn't need to be complicated. Our online software and dashboard make it easy to understand key financials so you can make informed decisions.


Real-time Information

Our information updates in real-time meaning you have access to reliable, accurate data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Credit Limit & Rating

You have the ability to see a company’s credit worthiness and their suggested credit limit.


Sophisticated financial scoring

Our unique insolvency scoring uses 142 separate indicators to determine the financial health of a business including new CCJ data, gazette notices to director information, with all our data updated in real-time.

Interactive Insolvency Chart

Free Tool - Insolvency Scorecard for UK Regions

Our scorecard provides a rating for each company, with gold, silver, bronze and amber for healthy businesses and one, two and three red flags for companies at risk of insolvency.

Select the below ratings to see how UK Regions fare:

red-flag-alert-gold-score-icon Gold Rated Companies Explained

A good history of filing compliance, with ideal levels of gearing, optimal liquidity, and favourable trends. Very low risk and open credit is recommended.

UK Regions with Gold Rated Companies:
East of England Northern Ireland Wales
178 37 86
Scotland Midlands North East
149 358 45
North West Yorkshire South East
249 168 506
London South West  
548 214  

red-flag-alert-silver-score-icon Silver Rated Companies Explained

Companies will be stable with healthy financials and a full history of filing compliance. Gearing and liquidity will be reasonable. Low risk and open credit is recommended.

UK Regions with Silver Rated Companies:
East of England Northern Ireland Wales
127 21 57
Scotland Midlands North East
90 244 36
North West Yorkshire South East
162 129 303
London South West  
464 111  

red-flag-alert-bronze-score-icon Bronze Rated Companies Explained

Companies may be new with no detrimental information, or where financial data is available, it may not be ideal. Fair trade risk and open credit is recommended.

UK Regions with Bronze Rated Companies:
East of England Northern Ireland Wales
554 126 275
Scotland Midlands North East
561 1314 174
North West Yorkshire South East
973 494 1414
London South West  
3021 538  

red-flag-alert-amber-score-icon Amber Rated Companies Explained

Companies are newly incorporated or have only passed the lower threshold of the credit score algorithms, and display some financial, payment or filing characteristics that make them an elevated risk. Moderate risk and open credit is only recommended with caution.

UK Regions with Amber Rated Companies:
East of England Northern Ireland Wales
622 120 276
Scotland Midlands North East
521 1412 186
North West Yorkshire South East
1101 654 1539
London South West  
3837 552  

red-flag-alert-1-red-flag-score-icon 1 Red Flag Alert Rated Companies Explained

Companies are in the weakest 20% in their size category and display risk factors that might include a deteriorating financial position, sub-optimal gearing or liquidity, and the possible presence of recent or significant legal notices. The risk is elevated, and suppliers should seek suitable assurances or guarantees.

UK Regions with 1 Red Flag Alert Rated Companies:
East of England Northern Ireland Wales
247 48 126
Scotland Midlands North East
183 544 79
North West Yorkshire South East
436 221 650
London South West  
1512 247  

red-flag-alert-2-red-flag-score-icon 2 Red Flag Alert Rated Companies Explained

All the negative characteristics of a business with 1 red flag, plus additional significant risk factors, such as a county court judgement. Very high risk and guarantees advised.

UK Regions with 2 Red Flag Alert Rated Companies:
East of England Northern Ireland Wales
16 5 8
Scotland Midlands North East
10 36 6
North West Yorkshire South East
28 15 43
London South West  
53 21  

red-flag-alert-3-red-flag-score-icon 3 Red Flag Alerts Rated Companies Explained

All the negative characteristics of a business with 2 red flags, but the situation is so dire that immediate insolvency is probable. 56% of companies with three red flags will cease to trade within seven days. Very high risk and guarantees advised.

UK Regions with 3 Red Flag Alert Rated Companies:
East of England Northern Ireland Wales
3 0 3
Scotland Midlands North East
1 14 2
North West Yorkshire South East
11 10 10
London South West  
17 9  

How do we help you protect yourself against risk?


Detailed financial health ratings

We allocate every business a financial health rating that accurately predicts insolvency. Our clients use this to monitor their clients, set credit limits and ensure onboarding is smooth.


Unique expert insight

Our experts are always adding new data points, looking at every angle from accounting period changes to bad debt exposure; anything that gives us an insight into what’s really happening in a business.


Efficient onboarding

Make quick risk assessments in your onboarding process, avoid companies that don’t meet your criteria and set appropriate credit limits for those that do.


Real-time monitoring

Our data points are updated daily so you can monitor businesses and be alerted the moment any change happens to their financial health. This early warning system means you can proactively manage risk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a demonstration of the software?

Of course! We would love to give you a demonstration of our products. Contact one of our team on 0344 412 6699 or via one of our contact form.

What are the payment terms? Can I pay monthly?

All our plans are 12 months contract. You can pay monthly or benefit from a discount by paying for the annual cost in total.

What financial data do we have for a company?

We have over 144 different financial data points that we collect to create a unqiue and comprehensive credit file against a company. This includes not only a suggest credit limit but also a prediction of insolvency using our AI and proprietary datasets.

What contact details do I get on a lead?

We have over 10 million key decision makers in our data atmosphere giving us the ability to provide you in-depth and up to date contact details for your leads. Start your free trial to see for yourself.

Is your data GDPR compliant??

Yes all our data meets GDPR regulations. If you would like more information please contact one of our team.


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