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Top 5 Benefits of Portfolio Manager

Nov 09, 2023 Rory Traynor Updated On: November 9, 2023
Top 5 Benefits of Portfolio Manager

Now, more than ever, it is vital for businesses to seize opportunities and avoid failures. But with threats to businesses at an all-time high and increased competition for any opportunities to win new business, it is those who can react first that prosper.

Company Directors are in a position where they have to be aware of any adverse events suffered by clients or suppliers as well as opportunities for new business at both prospects and existing clients and communicate this to the relevant staff members. It is impossible to manage this manually and even traditional monitoring software is often not up to the task. At Red Flag Alert we designed our Portfolio Manager monitoring tool to fit the needs of modern businesspeople and to solve the problems encountered with traditional monitoring software. 

When developing Portfolio Manager, we worked with our clients to understand the limitations of existing business data monitoring software and found that the most common frustrations were key alerts being lost amongst the white noise of irrelevant alerts. Data was not being shared effectively across the company, and the difficulty in segmenting specific monitored companies made it difficult to know what actions needed to be taken for an alert.

Portfolio Manager eliminates these problems as well as utilises other powerful features that make understanding your business environment and reacting first to any threats or opportunities easy, convenient and actionable.

Below we will look at 5 of the top benefits of Red Flag Alert’s Portfolio Manager tool. 

1) Create your own monitoring portfolios with our user-bespoke portfolio monitoring 

Red Flag Alert gives you total control over who and what you monitor. Portfolio Manager allows you to:

  • Choose which events trigger alerts – Monitoring software platforms watch out for dozens of events and the vast majority of these will not be relevant to any given business. This leads to inboxes being bombarded with alerts of no value, leaving staff to ignore them and business-critical alerts being missed. Portfolio Manager allows you to select which events trigger alerts in each portfolio, so employees are confident that if they receive an alert it is something they need to know.
  • Easily segment the companies you monitor – Create as many separate monitoring portfolios as you wish and choose which events trigger alerts for each portfolio. After all, what you need to know about a client will differ from a prospect.
  • Clear and actionable alerts – All alerts through the Red Flag Alert system clearly state which portfolio they were generated from. Meaning you instantly know which account or campaign they pertain to.

2) Never miss an important alert by eliminating inbox clutter and white noise

Our customers let us know that they were frustrated that monitoring software cluttered their inboxes with separate emails for each alert, sometimes receiving hundreds a day. Red Flag Alert’s PFM sends a daily round-up of events for each portfolio, only if alerts have been generated. Leaving your inbox clutter-free and all alerts convenient and actionable. 

3) Keep all staff up to date by sharing portfolios and alerts

Traditional monitoring software only sends an alert to a single user. This can lead to important events being missed, whether that is due to an employee being on holiday, or perhaps not sharing the information as they did not know it was critical. Portfolio Manager allows you to share access to portfolios and alerts with any other Red Flag Alert users in your organisation; improving access to data and eliminating internal bottlenecks.

4) Be the first to react to critical events with instant alerts

All alerts in a portfolio have the option to be set to instant. This will generate an alert as soon as the event is registered in our database, rather than in your daily round-up of events. Whether you need to react to a client receiving a CCJ or a prospect announcing an investment, you can be the first to react.

5) The Portfolio Analysis tools allow for greater insights

Sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees and the overall risks and opportunities in your business environment can be overlooked in favour of focusing on individual businesses. Portfolio Manager features an additional tool that lets you quickly assess each of your portfolios for overall risk and sales opportunities. Easily see if your client base is on an upward or downward trajectory, or if your identified prospects are on growth journeys. Portfolio Analysis allows you a deep understanding of the companies you are monitoring, the overall health of your business environment, and if you need to seek new opportunities.

Red Flag Alert’s Portfolio Manager takes the stress out of doing business, with the ability to monitor every UK business and seamlessly share information with any staff member you can be sure your company is never caught unaware.

The Red Flag platform is your complete business risk data solution, in addition to our revolutionary monitoring we also offer full reports on all UK companies with an easy-to-understand financial health score, the UK’s leading insolvency score, full company history, our proprietary growth score and much more. Get a free trial today and see how we can help you mitigate risk with our company monitoring tool.


Published by Rory Traynor November 9, 2023

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