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Announcement: Our Partnership With IDVerse To Enhance Our AML/IDV Solution

Jan 25, 2024 Erin Fogarty Updated On: January 25, 2024
Announcement: Our Partnership With IDVerse To Enhance Our AML/IDV Solution

We're thrilled to announce a major breakthrough in our journey towards becoming the leading provider of business data and compliance risk in the UK.

Through our latest partnership with IDVerse, we've enhanced our IDV and biometric service to offer fully automated identity authentication with no need for human intervention. This transformation is set to revolutionise the way businesses approach global compliance and risk assessment.


We are proud to introduce the features IDVerse has added to our Anti-Money Laundering and Identity Verification (AML/IDV) solution.

This partnership has empowered us to achieve an exceptional 98.5% accuracy rate in extracting data from a user's identity document including the address, which can then be verified against an authoritative database.

Red Flag Alert now recognises a wide range of government-issued IDs such as passports, driving licenses, identity cards, and residence permits, along with verification of other government-issued IDs that vary across regions such as health cards, military cards, and diplomatic passports; we can now process identity documents that have never been seen before.

Working with IDVerse means our solution protects against discrimination based on race, age, and gender through a zero-bias AI that uses generative AI to train deep neural network systems.

Moreover, IDVerse supports:

  • Over 16,000 ID documents
  • 220 countries and territories
  • 142 languages and typesets

Making our offering (along with our new international reports including UBO & monitoring) truly global.

Benefits to you

With the help of IDVerse’s advanced generative AI, our IDV/AML solution is now fully automated and can accurately verify the identity of your clients in just seconds – improving efficiency and saving business time spent on these processes. This means you can address key issues like document accuracy, proof of address, and electronic identification (eID) without compromising on experience.

IDVerse uses advanced face biometric analysis to detect even the smallest anomalies, making it easy to identify fake users and block potential attacks from synthetic media like deepfakes or generative AI. By using our platform, we help protect your business from potential threats.

Have you encountered a client with no physical documents? Our platform uses face biometrics and information extracted from any official ID document, including eID, to validate users.

You can still check Directors/Shareholders directly from a business report; now with IDVerse and our bulk upload function, you have the option to potentially verify billions of real people without manual human intervention in just a matter of seconds…

And the cherry on top? Our AML/IDV can be white labelled to show your company logo and branding to your users who need to complete a check.

Why did we change provider?

We’re always seeking to improve our user experience by levelling-up our service, which is what we’ve achieved through partnering with the most certified and compliant provider in the market.

IDVerse is the leading automated identity verification platform to onboard and re-authenticate trusted users at scale. IDVerse is a global leader in remote identity verification – authenticating government-issued ID documents and matching them to a liveness capture of a user’s face, all via mobile devices.

Here are just a few reasons that set them (and now us) apart from any other provider:

  • Fully automated IDV solution – no human error is risked in the process at any stage of verification.
  • Fast response times (99.99% percentile 60 seconds), never waiting on agents to review documents.
  • Comprehensive document fraud analysis applied to every document processed (over 250 checks performed on all docs).
  • Light refraction analysis from background objects to determine liveness, so no users need to perform the additional movement to prove they’re human.

And most notably:

0% error rate. A NIST-accredited test lab has independently assessed their liveness capability, iBeta, as part of the ISO 30107-3 presentation attack detection (PAD) level 1 and 2 reviews

99.998 face matching. IDVerse’s biometric face matching (one-to-one facial recognition algorithm) capability has been independently assessed by a NIST-accredited test lab, BixeLab as part of the TDIF accreditation.

Ready to start your seven-day free trial?

With an unprecedented 99.998% face-matching accuracy and compatibility with 16,000 identity documents, this next-generation enhancement will supercharge your onboarding process.

This offering alongside our UBO, Global Red Flag reports (KYB), AML/Peps/Sanctions/Adverse Media and ongoing monitoring in one easy-to-use solution will enable you to consulate vendors, reduce costs & and automate manual operational processes.

Start your free trial of Red Flag Alert today and stay ahead of the competition on all things risk and growth.

Published by Erin Fogarty January 25, 2024

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