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Red Flag Alert offer detailed director checks for businesses in a range of financial sectors who need fast access to real-time UK director information.

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Detailed UK Director Searches in an Instant

Our company director searches include data from a range of sources to give you the whole picture, helping to identify current directors and changes in key appointments, as well as deep dive into the business interests of individual directors.

Researching company directors is a crucial part of a robust due diligence framework, and AML regulations require you to know who you are dealing with.


Real-Time Data

Our data is always updated in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can stay alerted to any changes as they happen. 


Identify Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Our platform can help you find ultimate beneficial owners too, and the links they have with company directors so you have a full understanding of the relationships between different parties. 


View Global Corporate Linkage

Understand whether directors are involved in multiple companies, and where these are based. Drill-down to discover key financial information and insolvency risk of the companies a director is involved in. 


GDPR Compliant Data

All our data is GDPR compliant, and pulled from multiple, trusted data sources. 


Exceptional Customer Support

Our dedicated customer success team are on-hand to answer any queries you may have, and to get the most out of our data intelligence. 


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Advanced Company Director Search Tool

The RFA company director search tool offers a complete KYC and AML solution to give you powerful insights into company directors and their history. This not only enhances your due diligence model but helps to provide a smooth and confident onboarding process for new clients.

Search using director names, county, postcode, and date of birth ranges to access a wealth of data about company directors in seconds.

Our in-depth tool includes data from a wide range of sources including the UK electoral roll, international PEPs, international passports ID cards, and biometric facial matching in real-time to ensure you get the best information available at all times.

cafe patisseries
The Importance of Company Director Searches: The Patisserie Valerie Scandal

In September 2021 Grant Thornton, the financial auditing company of Patisserie Valerie were fined £2.3m over their role in the collapse of the popular café chain.

As far back as early 2018 the CEO, non-exec director and finance director cashed in almost £6m of shares at a time when competitors were folding. By October of the same year this had increased to around £13m, and accounting irregularities were starting to come to light leading to the collapse of the company and the arrest of a number of directors and the CEO for fraud.

This case highlights the importance of thoroughly checking out company directors you come into contact with and understanding their history to reduce exposure to risk and bad actors.


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