Q3 2022 Interim Report by Red Flag Alert

Quarter 3 Interim Intelligence Report

What’s Inside:

Data is a valuable tool for making decisions in your business or organisation. Therefore, at Red Flag Alert we collect hundreds of thousands of data points every day and turn them into powerful insights. Our clients use these insights to find their ideal customers, check the financial health of companies, comply with AML regulations, and protect their business by monitoring their clients’ financial health.

No one else collects as much data from as many sources as we do. No one else has an algorithm as sophisticated as ours that reflects the modern post-covid economy.

We’re so confident in our data that we’re making it public and sharing some of the interesting trends that we’ve identified.

Download this report to understand:

  • Why insolvencies will keep going high
  • GDP increases in July
  • Factors likely to affect GDP
  • GDP outlook
  • August insolvency figures
  • Why compulsory liquidations and administrations remain low
  • Why UK economy is not out of the woods
  • Sectors likely to be worst affected
  • Interest rates increases
  • Quantitative tightening

We hope you enjoy this report and find it useful. If you have any questions about it, please get in touch. We’d love to discuss it with you.