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Red Flag Alert & Capsule CRM

How it works

The Red Flag Alert API integrates into any CRM system. The Capsule integration is effective and gives users access to real-time business information on 5 million UK businesses, which is aggregated daily by Red Flag Alert.

Once the API is set up it is a powerful tool which will power your CRM with an extra layer of information which has many benefits.


Key benefits 

  • Maximise your sales and marketing efforts by powering your CRM with Red Flag Alert’s daily aggregated information. You’ll be able to see changes to your current clients, enhancing your account-based marketing efforts.
  • Save time and effort by ensuring your data is cleaned automatically and not relying on time consuming manual cleaning
  • Verify business information quickly: perfect for supplier or customer on-boarding processes
  • AML and KYC checks can be completed quickly using the financial information held with Red Flag Alert.
  • Ensure that new records uploaded to your CRM are accurate and contain as much rich data as possible.
  • Complete detailed background checks on clients, including trading history, director details, and in-depth financial information
  • Access to our proprietary financial health ratings will help your business evaluation process.
  • Ensure that everyone in your business has the same information on clients and suppliers
  • Manual integration into our API lets you choose the fields which are the most pertinent to your business.
  • Access Red Flag Alert’s team of experts to help you integrate our business intelligence in the most effective way for your business.

An API that delivers more


30 Years of financial data
35+ Fields of company credentials
15 Million director relationships
Company alerts from 1 month's time
17,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started

Market Comparison

15 Years of financial data
30+ Fields of company credentials
14 Million director relationships
Company Alerts from 1-2 year's time
10,000 daily updates
Experts on hand to help and advise
Free company check access
30 Seconds to get started
We have over a hundred offices nationwide and managing the data we hold on our customers and prospects is significant. One of our challenges is building a system where the information is up-to-date; the Red Flag Alert API works so well for us. Anay Patel, CRM Manager at Towergate Insurance

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