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How your AML onboarding process can improve your customer experience

May 31, 2024 Rory Traynor Updated On: May 31, 2024
How your AML onboarding process can improve your customer experience

How can you improve your customer AML experience?

By using technology and focusing on making your process convenient and accurate your AML onboarding processes can actually provide a better experience to customers than not having to do a check at all.


Customer onboarding processes are becoming increasingly involved and labourious as businesses are required to obtain more information and perform an increasing amount of checks.

A driving force behind this is the increasing burden that UK AML regulations are putting onto businesses and the information that must be collected to administer checks and also prove compliance.

Many directors view this process as purely an imposition and only taking value from their business rather than adding to it. However, as regulations and technology develop it is becoming increasingly common to have more involved onboarding processes and customers have begun to accept it as a regular part of doing business.

This acceptance is what makes it possible to use your onboarding journey as a way to differentiate your business and stand out from the crowd.

Below we will look at some of the ways your onboarding process can improve your customer experience.

Provide a seamless onboarding process

Many companies still rely on a manual onboarding and AML check process or use outdated software that still relies on manually entering details. These require your customers to go to the trouble of scanning and sending through sensitive documents or even having to attend your offices physically.

What’s more, such processes are do nothing to reduce human error and are prone to returning false positive or negative matches for AML checks. Which causes needless delays, requires your customers to send through additional information, and gives a negative impression of your company.

By leveraging up to date technology you are able to dramatically increase the accuracy of your onboarding checks, eliminate human error, and save your customers the hassle of scanning and sending documentation.

Red Flag Alert’s highly accurate AI-driven AML checks take just 30 seconds of staff time to send out and are completed on your customers device, with no need to send over documents to you. Our multibureau analysis system then ensures that you get the highest match rate available and reduce the need for manual intervention to the bare minimum. Click here to find out more.

With the proper tool in place you can take away the pain of onboarding for your customers, and yourself, and provide a smooth and professional experience.

Reassure them you are safe to do business with

Customers have never been more aware of data security. Your onboarding process can be used to reassure your customers that you are to be trusted and that they are safe in doing business with you.

By presenting your clients with a high tech onboarding solution you imply that you are a company that understands both technology and data which they can trust to keep their information safe.

Red Flag Alert’s checks are fully digital, completed on your client’s device, and include hi-tech features such as a biometric liveness check.

Reinforce your branding and reduce drop-off with branded checks

Your customers want to deal with you, not a third party provider, yet most onboarding checks are sent in the branding and name of your check provider. This creates a fragmented customer journey, does not come across as professional, and can even leave to customers dropping out of the process as they are extremely hesitant to click on a link from a company unknown to them.

Red Flag Alert allows you to send out checks in your full branding and appear on your customer’s device as having been set from your company. This keeps your onboarding process as seamless, reinforces your branding, and builds trust. To speak to us about getting AML checks with your own branding click here.

Provide a quicker process

Customers are becoming increasingly more intolerant of protracted processes and expect a buying journey to be near instantaneous. Yet, generally speaking, onboarding processes have yet to  catch up with this expectation.

Typically there are several departments involved in onboarding and the processes moves from one to the next over the course of several days until all required checks have been completed and all necessary information collected. Even at the best of times, this is inefficient and drawn out but it also means that delays can be introduced at all points due to factors such as increased department workload, absences, or just the need for more information.

This inconveniences your customer but the longer the process takes the more likely your customer is to drop out of the process and seek to do business elsewhere.

Our Automate tool completely digitizes and automates your onboarding process, taking the process down to just seconds. Automate is capable of running any process and even sends out and analyses any checks you require to be run (e.g. anti-fraud or AML).

To see how Red Flag Automate will revolutionize your onboarding process click here.

Why is a great onboarding experience so important?

It is critical to provide an excellent onboarding experience to your customers because of something called the Halo Effect.

This is a proven psychological effect that dictates our first opinion of a person/organisation will form the foundation that we form all future opinions and view all future events from.

This means that if a customer has a great onboarding experience they will be significantly more likely to ignore future negative experiences or view them as a one off. It also means that they will much more likely to do business with you again in the future.

Onboarding is your client’s first experience as a customer with you company and can literally be the difference between a high or low lifetime value.

Interested in improving you onboarding experience? Get your free trial today and see how we can help you 

Published by Rory Traynor May 31, 2024

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