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Red Flag Alert's B2B data makes it easy for your business to find companies and prospects that fit your specific criteria.

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Easily target businesses that match your ideal customer profile using 140 search filters on business data.

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Fully integrated with all leading CRM systems

Removal of duplicate and incorrect records in minutes

Reduce costs by ensuring you get in touch with the right people

Improved customer experience and sales process

Our B2B Prospector tool and database of every UK company and 350 million+ international companies allows you to find every potential customer for your business.

With our estimated turnover and best-match SIC code tools we provide unparalleled access to the UK’s SMEs.

Data entry into a CRM is an unpopular and time-consuming task and one often neglected. This leads to many company systems being clogged with outdated and incorrect information, making your records inaccurate and prospecting inefficient.

Let us eliminate that problem for you. With our platform tied into your CRM system, you can automatically cleanse your records and enrich your system with the most up-to-date and accurate business data on the market.

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