Migrating Monitored Companies from RFA 1 to RFA 3.

Congratulations on being upgraded to RFA 3.

If you have a list of companies on monitor in RFA 1, you will be required to export these companies via a .csv and import them into RFA 3.

To do this follow the instructions below.

1. Log in to RFA 1 here

2. Select Advanced Search from the main menu.

3. Click on Monitored Companies 

4. Choose Export as CSV.

A file will automatically be downloaded to your Downloads folder on your PC.

If you open the file, choose Don't Convert. This will ensure that the company registration numbers are not altered.

Once the above has been successfully performed, log into RFA 3 

To upload your monitoring list into a Portfolio, see our How to Create a Portfolio guide.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team via Contact Us.