How to Create a Portfolio

Learn how to create a portfolio in Red Flag Alert

Creating a Portfolio

  • To create a portfolio click on ‘Create Portfolio’ on the Monitor page
  • You will be asked to enter a Portfolio Name and Description


  • You may then click on ‘Create’ to create a portfolio to be populated later or you can populate the portfolio during set up from a csv file
  • To populate from a csv file, create a csv with a column populated by the company numbers of the companies you wish to add to the portfolio (hint: label this column Company Numbers). As shown below


On the ‘Create Portfolio’ menu, click ‘Upload a file’
You will then be prompted to select the desired file from your computer
Once you have done this a drop down menu labelled ‘Company Registration Number’ and text bar labelled notes will appear
  • Click this and enter a Portfolio Name and Description
  • Click ‘Add’

Add to a portfolio

  • You can add companies to an existing portfolio
  • After doing a search select the companies you wish to add to the existing portfolio, select these by clicking on the blank square to the right of their company rating in the results table (the box will turn red with a white tick)
  • If you wish to add all the search results you do not need to select any
  • Then click on the arrow next to ‘Actions’ and select ‘Monitor All Results’ or ‘Monitor Selected Companies’


  • A menu titled ‘Monitor’ will open on the right of the screen
  • Click on the drop down menu labelled ‘Select Portfolio’ This will drop down a list of all your existing portfolios
  • Select the desired portfolio
  • Click ‘Add’