GraphQL Terminology

GraphQL uses a couple of terms that we will need to define before we get into more details of the specific implementation for RFA.


A query is anything that retrieves data from the underlying Red Flag Alert database and returns it to the client. The examples given in An Introduction to GraphQL with profit and loss and balance sheets are examples of a GraphQL query. In a RESTful API this would likely be a GET operation.


A mutation is a GraphQL call that modifies the underlying database such as (for example) adding a company to a portfolio. In a RESTful API, this would likely be done with a POST, PUT or DELETE operation.

The method to be employed (“query” or “mutation”) is specified at the start of the GraphQL request body. This is necessary because all GraphQL operations are performed with POST. A GET operation is used to render an IDE in a web browser which allows you to browse the API schema and perform operations without the need for any code. See Accessing the GraphQL API with a Browser for more information.


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