The easiest way to protect your business

Having the ability identify if any of your suppliers are in trouble is essential if you are to ensure a smooth and continuous service to your customers. Chances are, that if a supplier is in trouble the first time you'll know something is wrong is when an delivery fails to arrive or service levels diminish.

Red Flag Alert allows you to monitor all of your supply chain and be alerted the moment anything happens that suggests they are experiencing problems. Red Flag Alert's data is updated daily so if something happens you'll have know about it via our alert emails.

If one of your suppliers is experiencing difficulties you'll be armed with the knowledge to begin discussions with them and take steps to protect your business. If you decide the best course of action is to source alternative suppliers Red Flag Alert can help you with that too. Our database holds details of over 6m UK businesses so you'll easily be able to identify new suppliers and engage them in discussions about a partnership