Supply Chain

All businesses, regardless of size, rely on suppliers. From raw materials for a major manufacturing business, components for a production line or even courier services for an independent local florist. A businesses reputation lives or dies on its ability to deliver its products and services and like it or not, suppliers are a key part of that process.

A reduction in service from a single suppler can have severely damaging implications on a business and often multiple businesses in the supply chain.  It is therefore vital that a business knows and can monitor the health of their suppliers, allowing them to deal with any potential problems before a crisis develops. Red Flag Alert (RFA) contains accurate records on all UK businesses and includes a monitoring function that allows you receive notifications on any business when there are any changes in their financial health which could be a pre-cursor to a reduction in service. Thousands of updates are made daily meaning the data within Red Flag is the most up to date in the market.  As a bare minimum the notification function allows a business to have an informed discussion with the supplier and find out the situation before the bottom line, customers, and business reputation are affected.

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