Company Credit Checks for Zoho CRM


With just a few clicks you can credit check your customers from within your Zoho CRM. We allocate every business a financial health rating that accurately predicts insolvency. Our clients use this to monitor their clients, set credit limits and ensure onboarding is smooth. All your team will be able to see vital information such as credit limit, credit score, number of CCJs, creditor days and much more against any business record in your Zoho CRM. Get started today with a free 14 day trial.

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Detailed financial health ratings

We allocate every business a financial health rating that accurately predicts insolvency. Our clients use this to monitor their clients, set credit limits and ensure onboarding is smooth.


Unique expert insight

Our experts are always adding new data points, looking at every angle from accounting period changes to bad debt exposure; anything that gives us an insight into what’s really happening in a business.


Efficient onboarding

Make quick risk assessments in your onboarding process, avoid companies that don’t meet your criteria and set appropriate credit limits for those that do.


Offering enriched data and up to date insights, RFA are trusted by over 9,000 SMEs and enterprise companies


Affordable Credit Checks inside your Zoho CRM

With just a few clicks in your Zoho CRM our app allows you to credit check a prospect or company, helping you decide what credit terms to set for that business. See a full credit report including credit health ratings, recommended credit limits, turnover, networth, creditor days, CCJs, directors,  financials and much more...


Why use our Zoho app?

We noticed a significant amount of bad debt in small businesses that are not required to file accounts, so we worked to develop a scoring card that is based on market leading data sources and enriched by our creditor and services data. Our scoring model allows us to not only score companies that are required to file accounts but also smaller businesses that aren’t obligated to file detailed financials, meaning you always have reliable credit profile for whatever size of business you search.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a demonstration of the software?

Of course! We would love to give you a demonstration of our products. Contact one of our team on 0344 412 6699 or via one of our contact form.

What are the payment terms? Can I pay monthly?

All our plans are 12 months contract. You can pay monthly or benefit from a discount by paying for the annual cost in total.

What financial data do we have for a company?

We have over 144 different financial data points that we collect to create a unqiue and comprehensive credit file against a company. This includes not only a suggest credit limit but also a prediction of insolvency using our AI and proprietary datasets.

What contact details do I get on a lead?

We have over 10 million key decision makers in our data atmosphere giving us the ability to provide you in-depth and up to date contact details for your leads. Start your free trial to see for yourself.

Is your data GDPR compliant??

Yes all our data meets GDPR regulations. If you would like more information please contact one of our team.


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